what is my computer?

What does what in your computer? Computer parts Explained


What is My Computer Works?

I get a lot of questions about my setup and this as I run it on my computer. So I thought I’d go ahead and give you a quick tour of the things I use every day on my computer. I’m sure you’ve seen Windows 7 or Windows 7 running premium 64-bit by now. You know I have a lot of questions about why you do not run a Mac You know why you do not run a Linux? This is it, this and that and the main reason is that I am familiar with Windows. I have no reason to switch to Mac or Linux. I mean I like to play Steam and as I said I have never had a reason to use Windows 4, it’s just something I know forever and it is definitely the best version of Windows 7. There are a few weird things that I have questions about what I like to use right now Usually when I broadcast my screens you can see on the right side that you have a small meter of CPU usage.


I like to keep my desktop clean. I can continue to see a very simple way to do that here, it tells me about my CPU usage and all that about my RAM usage since I have my own CPU. At first glance I wonder if some of the things you know are slow, I wonder where to open my CPU or it is definitely the task manager. ‘I look at my desktop and see everything I can. In the lower left there is a small program called Super Bar Monitor. This is a really cool kind of look. It allows you to view. It’s just as simple as a CPU meter, so I do not need to read anything I can read. You know if it’s nailed or if you know something I know is wrong. So I like to do a lot of things like this. When I was very slow and you know like a single core laptop and I know things that have no power I want to know new monitoring to see what you know about consuming all of my new CPUs. The computer is not as big as a deal but it still keeps running because it is easy.

As far as the browser goes I use my Maton browser Google Chrome um I like Google Chrome I have been using it for a long time Most of the time it is two years or more. It’s a really strong browser overall. It syncs everything you like. I know it all. Because it’s always getting new features and everything, yes I really have no real reason to change Chrome’s ry browser and it will be the same way I like Opera Opera. If you have not seen my browser test you can definitely look at the numbers I can tell you it is very close to Chrome I love Opera over time. It has a lot of good features so I mean some versions I like eleven points or something. There are many cool things you can do with Opera when you need it.

Secondary Browser I need to access one of the browsers’ websites or anything like Opera I use from now on The only paper software on my computer is Video Studio Pro X which has been using this for a long time to edit my videos And a really good year and a half or so but I’ve been using it for quite a while and it’s actually an editor, so it’s not something you know Sony Vegas or the final cut or something but do it, it’s mediocre You know it’s an editor and it’s a bit cheap and it’s very simple, so everything I do is edit all my videos here and I have no problem knowing that you do anything I am looking for a medium to solid range or definitely recommend Dollar There are forty or fifty or more Of course you know that Skype is always there, and some kind of shutdown click and you’ve never seen all my contacts and things like that but yes, I’m always on Skype. Next you see the courage here. Now Courage is the audio recording machine of my choice. So the courage you see that I am actually using right now is really good because it allows you to look at your audio and record high quality with all kinds of filters and effects and you can know that it is all clean and it works very well It’s free and it’s not the best and it certainly does not have an interface.


It’s a bit shiny and delayed, and it’s not so bad. But yes courage is a very good free open source Talk about free and open source programs in good jazz I have GIMP GIMP If you are not familiar it is similar to Photoshop or it is not as good as Photoshop but you know 95% of what you do is good, you You know how to create thumbnails when doing any kind of image manipulation. It’s a cool word and you can do it with yum, yes what I like to use is very functional and it’s really free.


I know it’s definitely not better than the biggest xsplit but it’s some kind of environment – I’ve used xsplit before it got worse but it’s not, it does not replace most cameras. I want a few simple things, for example some friends have used Mandy Cam to record me D3 live or any of my live streams. I can use my webcam. Some influences and things I can do, I will never confuse with yes The only thing I use about it is that Fraps Fraps is what I am recording right now. I’ll show you now but I can not really say that I will break down time and space. Things and all those nasty things but yes I use frames for all my screencasts that are actually made for recording games. I do something from time to time, however it works for your Windows desktop and you know anything I have to do Edit I do it for you only from videos so it works somehow anyway my software and all the sort I have on my computer My visit on things can be amazing about that.

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