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What is Torrent? is it Legal? is it Safe?

Windows vs. Linux I was a programmer you know as a programmer because you should use Linux instead of using Windows. This gives you a lot of programming skills enhancement tools and then some people get confused and I gave you some tips on how to download Meta Download Dinner and how to install it online from Google You can search Windows and Ubuntu officials Will take you to and you can download it from there, or you can go to the torrent and download it from the torrent you can download the torrent server and now you can download it. Many of them did not know what a torrent was and then some of them were arguing illegally with the authorities. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. In this session of this video we will talk about what a torrent is and how to use it correctly. So get started with this, so let’s talk about torrents first thing you have to do when it comes down to it. We have HD protocols. We have the d8 protocol. We have the telnet protocol. We have the torrent protocol. If we talk about the website for the various services mentioned above, if you talk about the website you always use the HTTP protocol and we use the FTP protocol when you download files. This is because the filesyla you use when you deploy a website uses some software. Upload a file called FTP, then you share your screen with your telenet protocol remotely shared, so we have a different way of relying on each call. ave or protocol now differ sympathetically for what was stolen See STP or any other protocol This system actually has a server and you a Client OK, if you have a client and a client for both of these things, the client and the client will always respond to client requests. The problem is that there are some people who can not afford the server cost example if I want to upload.

I may want to give the file to the whole world. Maybe I have some software. I want to distribute them all over the world so I can upload it from one server and you can download it. The problem anywhere is that I have to keep the full cost right and it will be one-way communication and there will be one client per client and it will not be so fast, so if you want to achieve this thing using FTP OK. Clients will download files to us using FTS Vitech. Oh we have one more thing called telnet. The advantage is that telnet is not a torrent I do not think there can be 10 clients if every machine becomes a server instead of having one server using torrent. But you may think we can have 10 servers but how can you get 10 clients? Of course they are not a normal machine and this is called distributed systems, we have these files distributed, but the same thing happens here. Let’s say I have a friend named Sam. Now Sam can download this file as a file instead of just uploading it as Sam is the only uploader. If someone else wants that file we want Hursh can do is that Hodge can download the same file from Sam and Sam Levine. People we can now have a fourth person, the amazing thing is that he can now use the pulse of three people, I’m not saying we all have pieces of files, so if I go into three parts, one part will be Sam downloaded the second part from the ocean The third part is downloaded from Hajj. So the machines will receive the files from the three machines. It works because it’s a peer to peer network. I do not want a client. We do not need a client. Anyone can be yourself. Anyone can upload. Anyone can download.

This is why we call such a network of peers. Now do you think we use a peer to peer network? Use it for approximately 4% of traffic, you can now judge it with the help of peers and peers. I mean it’s totally busy to get a torrent or a prelude. There are a lot of people in the world who use the torrent protocol, so FTP is just a server for us and we have a server for the torrent.Machines and I can share data correctly and every machine can upload and download with the help of turns for the call but the question arises of using any protocol we need. If you want to use the HTTP protocol, we need a RFC protocol if we have a browser We need some software Correct Examples Internet Download Manager We have a large number of download software. How can we use a toilet? We need a toilet seat and the dice torrent client is a very well known fact that we have a micro torrent is a do torrent and we have a big torrent right so we have used how to pronounce it and expose a large amount of other available. There are a large number of torrent clients. You can download the file using this software. Now we have a few special words here. OK one key we learned was that after the call the formal PJ. If you’ve been to a website where you can download a torrent file, you’ve called it cedar and leech. We can see the symbols that have those nutrients and we have leeches. What do you mean by nutrients and nature? Occurs every time you talk about uploading or whatever we say. If I upload the file and want to share it with the whole world I will give you this file because my machine is a seed and I feed it. This feeder but now if you download it as a lever it will lengthen the file while you download the file you will be a leech when you download and I will be cedar when you put the file but you can go down and download the file and upload the file at once If you love 1gb and have downloaded Dembe On one of the 1gb. Can you share that hundred below 100 MB with someone else? It’s possible at a time when a leper can speed things up and you know when you download something using a torrent so the upload process is going well, so only viewers can see Provide a downloadable upload section and leeches. Sometimes they even have the option of uploading. Nowadays some people call it peers.

Also I do not know why they do not disappear. But what this means is that the white seeds and leeches have downloaded the high loads and leeches correctly, which is how the whole thing reactivates. You can control the bandwidth How much you want to share right now It’s about patience We have a few machines that can communicate exactly how they work with each other But then come up We have 10 machines and these 10 are connected to many different places Yes, in Mumbai Mumbai is in New York, so let’s say this machine is located in different places. Now if you download a file, how do you know that you are downloading this file correctly somewhere? So we have Strikers, a university with a database, that has everything in that database of running files so anyone I want to see this will have access to it. Now I will download that file. Because it downloads that type of database or file, you need to show it in a different way so I’m a feeder so we call it a first year amphibian. Let’s say you don’t have a machine. B3r Feeder How do you know the three of us have seeds? So again we have a file. Feeder OK It is also done with the help of hash code, so we have a hash code for each piece of data and it will be tracked. But that begs the question of where you got that file from. We have extra torrent we have a big dot, we will not be calling the whole channel here again in Pirate Bay. My main goal is not to promote all these channels. Remember now that the website is banned and that no one on that channel or on that website owns it is now in jail. He may only be a bit far but has a serious problem but then there are a lot of websites. So when you go to that website while searching for files you will get a torrent file correctly, when you open a torrent file with a specific server example you can open that file if you have a large torrent and it will download it all. The torrent protocol is not illegal The illegal thing is that I spend so much money sharing corporate content examples as a filmmaker. Remember Thorns’ game, one of the Games of Thrones series.

Imagine these people spending a lot of money on that show, even before all the channels were cut, the official channel of the bureaucracy, the official channel of the Throne Game, before that HBO was patiently available for the whole series. What we do is watch for free public musicians. They have people who take five or six years to build the music software we compose and we break it down and reuse what we do. It’s good, it’s bad, it’s not bad. I meant to say my content as far as I know the content we share on the internet. ain Whether it is right or wrong is not the main issue. It’s not a good idea to use these sites in some way now that kids are exposed to this, but it would be great if you could use stores in a good way so I want you to feel what it means to ban those channels or stop banning that site. If you know how to filter out unwanted extra content then you’re banning the whole site like quick money – what can you do that can remove unwanted content, I guess they did it now. So these are the causes of business search engine torrent dot-you. I ‘m not sure about the website you can visit. If you look for any copyrighted content on the site, it will show you that the filtered content has been applied and you have removed all copyrighted content. If you are looking for Bollywood movies you will not find it exactly. The contents are yes, so the first thing about torrents is that torrents are free and the only thing that is legitimate is sharing copyrighted content. The second thing is that it’s safe now. Many pages are talking about security. It’s talking about viruses. Now about Marvel, especially if you use a Windows machine. If you attach a friend, if you attach a pen drive it is a risk with the torrent. According to a survey I get 30% of all the content in a torrent is the same as malware, so when you download free content from pathology, think it may have a virus. The question that arises now is to use and know when you have them. The question also arises as to whether the virus malware you have heard of extortion bears is now dead. The question arises whether I should use torrent to download Ubuntu. Or if you have trouble using or downloading a torrent, we have the tools we can to make sure that the downloaded Ubuntu version is now essential for verification.

What you can do You can download Ubuntu from the office website. From Go to Torrent and Office Website If the official website has any hash value, it will get the hash value of the downloaded software and at the top I mean if they are both the same it will not match. Against the use of various software, you can verify the file that is beyond tolerance. Of course an original or modular version strengthens Windows. I’m sure most of you are using a pilot version of Windows. There is no need to name any country here, but let’s say we use pirate content. If you are downloading Windows 8 or Windows 10, how can you be sure that the only problem is the operating system you are using? It may not be malware and has affected many skills of the operating system and what do we install this party? Violence I mean you don’t care what pilot anti-virus you install. Release is invalid. Maybe Antonman’s part is because it is malware. So I always say that the bitch of leaders sometimes fits. Sometimes it is easier to stop the arrival of Linux Ubuntu Windows correctly. So I hope you bought the idea of ​​how to be patient.

How to Download and Install uTorrent in Windows 10

You can download and install it now. You Tint is an upcoming program for a company called Bit Torrent. It is another program that is implemented and is incorporated into BitTorrent and is used by over 100 million BitTorrent clients outside China. Since then it has grown greatly and she has five and has used it for the touring team. Now I’m not responsible for torrenting if you know what the torn group is. It allows you to share and distribute data and electronic files over the Internet using a file of the same age as the authors of many files and data and program websites, but I’m not responsible for the rest, but you downloaded and installed it. I’ll show you how, so let’s go ahead and get started [music] So the first thing to do is go to a browser. My depot already has Google, but instead you go to and press enter.

Then you will choose a website called Bit Torrent which is kind of gross for you and it is very similar to Bit Torrent. It’s really the same thing and you will visit the website and if you want to choose the web version this is a new feature Introduction I do not like it well if you want to use it it is a bit but when it actually goes down it is a classic download Will say do. You need to get it a little more strategically from the left side you like pro and plus VPN You know what a VPN is If you want what you are talking about you can get it and if pro and ads are free you are going to go right it is unusual As many websites do so I go there and click download. There’s something better than making a VPN usable system and I’ll show you how to do it for the rest of the download period, so let’s go ahead and click on it and it will ask if I want to run the program, ‘Yes, I no longer need this browser, or if someone goes ahead and exits it will ask for some settings for the wizard with Nix. I’ll show you a warning about incorporating Bitcoin. Never cheat, then I will pay you.

X Licensing Agreements tell you that you can get the rest and agree that you can get a third party application. Then this option drops the web partner who is aware of an ad here I will reject it too, then here you need to create shortcuts, I will go personally, you know it from what you know and you really want to be there in the beginning this will not really mark , It does not need to come to the start of Windows and the torrent file magnetic URL and BTU search here you do not see so much there Nix press let work do it, here you can now skip the launch completely and run it and press finish Here you have the pronunciation installed and the ads have not come yet but you will get the ads This is the free version and how do you do it to download it.


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