gom plyer

A gom player used in 250 countries

What is a gom player?

Of course we use different types of media players to play different audio and video files. Among them gom player is a media player that has won the trust of many people. The company is Gom, a company that has been in the software development industry for over 20 years. It is used by people in 250 countries and is currently the most used country in Japan. This has exceeded 100 million downloads.

gom player is a really good media player. This is because of its ability to play broken media files. In addition, the gom player can be used as the most suitable player to play any kind of video or audio file .You can see this from the leg type icon.

gom player is a hands-on software that offers many features to the user. A unique feature of this software is that you can control our computer very well from your smartphone that we use. It also provides VR viewing capability. This gives you extensive VR support.

The gom player also allows you to easily watch youtube content. In addition, it can be defined as a browser that goes beyond a player.

How to download and install gom player

1. By clicking on the link below you will be taken to the official website of gom which shows you how to download it .You can get it in windows, apple, android format.

gom player (5)

2.After clicking Download, it will be downloaded to your computer through your web browser.

gom player (3)

3.Then click on the downloaded gom player and you will get this way to install it.

gom player (4)

gom player (1)

4. This can be seen while inserting.

gom player (2)


5.After installing, you can see the gom player on your desktop screen like this.

Gom playe 6

How to use gom player

This is how it looks when the gom player is opened.

The buttons on the left side of the player allow you to play, stop, and restart anything that is played in the player.

gom player 7

From the buttons on the right there are buttons for changing vr mode, audio and video settings, subtitle.

gom plyer

In addition, you can see a player like this on the top left .You can access all the settings in the gom player by clicking on it.

gom player 18

gom player

Here in general you can change the skin, mouse, touch, shortcut, message front etc. of the gom player.

gom player 9
Here you can see the settings related to the DVD and related changes in the play.

gom player 10

In the subtitle you can see the relevant settings and you can change them as you want.


With vedio you can change the settings as you want.

gom plyer

You can change them as you want thrugh audio.

gom player 13

You can see this gom player update and related account details through other.

gom player 16
With save, you can save the things that have been recorded and done here.

gom player 17

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