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Browse the Internet from the Tor Browser

What is Tor Browser?

Tor Browser is something that anyone who uses the internet a little more knows. Many people think that this Tor browser is a browser that can find the Deep Web. It’s actually a browser that goes beyond that. If you want, you can even access blocked websites through this Tor browser without using a VPN. So today in this article I will tell you about this Tor browser that contains everything from 0 to 100. This means that you are about to start the journey on the path to your recovery.

If you use the Internet in a normal browser, your identity will be included in every web page you visit on the Internet. It’s like when we walk on mud, our footprints are in the mud. But with this Tor Browser you can browse the internet without any identity.

Like I said before, you may have heard of this Tor browser if you spend the average amount of time on the internet. The main reason is that the gossip people say about this Tor browser is really full of interesting things. For these reasons, many people are wondering how to use this Tor browser. Who really doesn’t want to use the Internet anonymously, or maximize their security by browsing the Internet? The other thing is who is not curious to find out about these Dark Web or Dark Web sites? Who doesn’t like to investigate something like that?

The company that created the Tor browser says that this Tor browser is a gateway to privacy. Therefore, today I will give you a complete overview of the Tor browser through this article.

How to download Tor Browser

1. By clicking the link below you will be taken to the Tor Browser official site .It will look like this to you .It will be available for windwos, OS x, linux, android operating systems.

to browser 1

2.This way the Tor browser will be downloaded through your web browser .It is a MB 69.3 browser 1

3.Then after opening it, you will see something like this to install the Tor browser.

to browser 4

4. You can see this while installing.

to bro browser 3

5.Then you will see the folder related to Tow Browser on your desktop screen.

to browser 5

How to use Tor Browser

Tor Browser prompts you to cconnect when you first open it.

to browser 6

Then you can see the Tor browser in this way .It can be seen in a similar way to any other browser you have used.

to browser 1

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