Control any remote computer with AnyDesk

What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is actually a software designed to control our computer from one computer to another. Of course, this AnyDesk software is very popular among other remote control software .It is due to the simplicity of the software.

Leading remote control software, Teamviewer and AnyDesk are distributed worldwide by AnyDesk GmbH.

Designed for all operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, android .AnyDesk allows faster and more efficient data transfer with a remote computer .Also if you are doing any business with a remote computer, your partner’s This software is also a great way to win trust.

A unique feature of the AnyDesk software is that it protects your personal data when you transfer data or have a conversation with another computer .AnyDesk can only refer to remote computers on authorized computers .AnyDesk fully protects your data when dealing with any other remote computer on-premise .

How to download and install AnyDesk

1. First click on the link below and download the software.

Anydesk (1)

2.This link will take you to the official web page of AnyDesk .You can use this software for a 14 day AnyDesk trial period. If you continue to use it, you can buy it with more facilities.

Anydesk (3)

Charges on AnyDesk software

Anydesk (4)

The LITE package is priced at $ 10.99 per month and is easy to use for one person only. -Discovery can only use this feature.

Anydesk (5)

Commercial Use, Unlimited Endpoints, Remote Printing, File Transfer, Mobile to PC Remote Control, On-Screen-Whiteboard, Auto-Discovery through PROFESSIONAL Package.You can experience Address Book, Session Logging, Custom Client, Unlimited Devices .This package is used by many users .We suggest you use this package too because this package costs $ 20.99 per month and has many features You will receive .This package is very valuable for the money you invest.

Anydesk (6)

POWER Package Commercial Use, Unlimited Endpoints, Remote Printing, File Transfer, Mobile to PC Remote Control, On-Screen-Whiteboard, Auto-Discovery, Address Book,Session Logging, Custom Client, Unlimited Devices are all available. The package costs $ 52.49 per mic.

Anydesk (7)

2.Downloaded AnyDesk can be seen and after clicking on it, the command to install this software on your computer will come and install.

How to use AnyDesk

You can see this after opening the AnyDesk software. At the top you will see the AnyDesk number associated with your computer. This is the number you should use when connecting to another computer. In addition to the mouse you will find details on how to install this AnyDesk for other operating systems on the right .In the bottom section you will find information about the computers you control.

Anydesk (8)

You can view Settings, Address Books, Season Recording, Change Licensing Key, Help, About AnyDesk by clicking on the lines in the right hand corner of this software.

In the settings you can see the complete changes to this software .It includes Unattended Access, Privacy, Display, Audio, Connection, File Transfer, Recording.

Anydesk (2)

In the Address Book you can view the details of the remotely controlled computers.

Anydesk (11)

With Season Recordings you can view recordings of conversations you have with other computers.

Anydesk (12)

You can see the details related to this anydesk software update through Change License.

Anydesk (13)

Help If you have a problem using this anydesk software, you can use the help here to solve that problem.

Anydesk (14)

About AnyDesk All AnyDesk information on how to use this software is available.

Anydesk (15)

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