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how to take a screenshot in windows 10

We want to show you how to get a screenshot of your computer using Windows 10. Full Disclosure I was working at Microsoft before we jumped into this. We jump into it. Here I am on my desktop. I do not know what to do with my YouTube page, so here’s my YouTube page with a picture of me and a weird poke on my finger. We will take a screenshot here today.

Show different ways to take a screenshot Use an app that comes with Windows 10 and the second technology uses your keyboard, so let’s start with the app that comes with Windows 10. I will go ahead and type it. There you can see it. The other way you can get it is if I can click on start. Menu and go to the Start Menu scroll a long way to get this There is a section called Windows Devices at the bottom.

screenshot in windows 10 new


This shows you everything else that comes with Windows. You will get a fancy note taking program called Notepad. You basically have a soup called WordPad which is not in the fullest sense of the word and we can also see the sniping tool if you want to have easy access in the future. So I can click on the start menu again to see where all these applications end up, I can paste it into the taskbar, so I’ve already removed it from the taskbar, so I pasted it into the taskbar because this is a tool and application This is what I’m going to do because I use it often and I will click on this taskbar to open the sniping tool.

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Now there are a few different ways, with the sniping tool you can get a full screen capture and a full screen capture. There is a window snippet on the desktop, I’ll come and select a window if I want to take a screenshot of my browser, or I can take a full desktop screenshot. There are also rectangular snip and freeform snip. The free form of the page I want to take a screenshot of and the other models I can do my best to select an area I want to take a screenshot of and here I will do my best to create a rectangle.

If I have my screenshot, then it’s like you go to save files and I can save this as different file types. I have an option to make a PNG app. Enig I guess I also have a gif or gif depending on who I am. There is also a JPEG after you talk, so I can choose what kind of PNG file I can save to. I can send an email to someone so make a copy here so I can see it again and you can explain what I can do with this tool, so here’s a pin tool, let’s say I want to give you a small mustache and there I am I want to give a nice fake tan that can be highlighted in yellow. So if you want to take a screenshot of the text and highlight it, you can comment on it.

Go ahead and delete it I do not know if I like my fake mustache on fake tan. What you can do is set a delay when we take a photo of your family and want to attack someone. Take the photo button then you can all run together and set your delay with a smile Someone’s eyes will close and you will have to take your photo again, but there is one way you can delay taking a photo, so this is a loose tool if you want to take a screenshot too It’s a useful tool and now we’ve looked at the sniping tool. The next thing I want to do is show you how to take a screenshot using your keyboard. I have several different keyboards.

screenshot in windows 10 new

First let’s take a look at my Dell keyboard. There is a section called the print screen. All I have to do is press the activation key because it is blue. If I click here it appears that it is automatically saved to onedrive. The print screen I made is here, but this is a Microsoft keyboard with a simple button called PRT SC n, which is a summary of the print screen. I print the screen from there. Because I want to print a copy of all this, I take a screenshot after pressing the print screen button and my Lenovo laptop is also here. Here is the key. The whole screen is what I can do Let’s say I select this window.

All I need to do to take a screenshot of this window is press the Alt key and press the print screen. So if I go here you can see that it’s like my window is bigger than that window but I can limit the screen window to that window but another way is if you press the windows key and the print screen at the same time it will be saved automatically. It saves a copy of it and puts it in pictures where it is placed.

screenshot in windows 10 new


Then you go to these computer pictures and screenshots and you see that it saves the screen but your computer connects to onedrive and the print screen that you simply hit does the same thing today as it already saves to ondrive. I have shown you two ways you can take a screenshot. One of them is with the sniping tool and the other way is by using your keyboard and pressing the print screen button and depending on what you need to do, several of its combinations appear to be blocked with all your screen needs.

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