Let’s easily edit photos with PhotoScape

What is PhotoScape?

PhotoScape is actually a very simple software that can be used to edit our photos.

Suppose we want to edit a photo. So there are plenty of software to use for this. But most software is very complex. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the technology can hardly use this software. One of the most popular photos editing software is adobe photoshop. The software is developed by adobe. In addition to this software from this company there are many other popular software. Of course editing a photo from adobe photoshop is very tricky. That is to say, you must have good knowledge and training to use any of the tools available here.

PhotoScape is a very simple photo edit software designed for new users of technology that cannot use sophisticated software like adobe photoshop.
This is very popular among people all over the world because of its simplicity. It can be seen in human downloads on the Internet .This simple software was developed by a Korean company, MOOII Tech. This allows you to easily edit photos taken from devices such as mobile and other cameras.

In addition, this software is unique in that it can be installed and used on any computer. The simplicity of this has greatly influenced it. This is designed for operating systems (Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10) and Mac.

How to download PhotoScape

1. Click on the link below.

2.Then PhotoScape will be downloaded through your web browser.


3. This is how commands come to install a downloaded program by clicking on it.



4.Then i agree, then click next and install the program.

5. While inserting, you can see this.


6.After the installation, you will see:


7. Finally the installed program can be seen on your desktop screen.


How to use PhotoScape

PhotoScape opens and looks like this.



The software here downloads the photos from your computer to the software and edits them. The left section shows all your photos and the bottom section shows the tools for editing the image.

photosape edior


Batch editor

In batch editor you can change the size of the images on your computer and change the quality of the images.



You can add your photos through the page and make it very lanky in a college style .It can be described as a unique tool in this software.




You can also make changes to your photos with the combine.



Animion GIF


With animion you can make photos as animion .You can create animion in many ways.


photosape new

With Print you can print created images.


Help can be obtained from this software and all the relevant information .If you have any problems while using this software, you can use this help to solve the problem.

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