Makes your computer faster CCleaner

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is a program that removes the slowness of computers and speeds them up again. This program is at the forefront of computer speed programs. This program can be used for Windows, Android, ios.

This program primarily speeds up the removal of unwanted files from the computer or its operating system.

The main functions here

1. Resolve any issues that may arise with the programs you have installed.

2.Develop your operating system memory.

How to install ccleaner on operating system

1. Go to the web address below. ccleaner


2.After logging in, you will see ccleaner  dwonload Free on the website. By clicking on it, you will see the ccleaner program download from your web browser. It is a 30 MB program.

3.Then after clicking on the downloaded program, a command will come up to install in this way.


4. After installation the program will look like this on the desktop screen.

ccleaner (4)

How to use ccleaner

1. After opening the installed programs you will see this.


2. Health check, coustom clean, registry, Tool, option, Upgrad commands can be seen on the left side.

ccleaner (3)

The Health Check here removes unwanted files from your computer and speeds up the operating system.

With coustom clean you can enhance the performance of your web browsers while surfing the internet.

ccleaner ( coustom clean)

The registry can eliminate other operating system problems.

Ccleaner (registry)

With the tool you can remove, update, rename programs installed on the program.


You can control ccleaner through the option. Things related to the settings of the ccleaner software.


With upgrad, ccleaner software can be purchased with more facilities.

cclener (upgrad)

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