Malwarebytes is the best virus removal software in the world

what is Malwarebytes ?

Malwarebytes is a software program that further enhances the security of our computer .It can be downloaded for free and installed on your computer.

Malwarebytes was first created in 2006 and is one of the most prominent computer security software.

How to download and install malwarebytes

1. First download Malwarebytes from this link.

2. You can see the downloaded Malwarebytes program on your web browser .It is a small program like KB 1080.

Malwarebytes (2)

3.Click on it and you will be prompted to install this program .This way.

Malwarebytes (3)

4.Install the program by clicking Install.

Malwarebytes (4)

5.Malwarebytes look like this during the install.

Malwarebytes (5)

6. At the end of the install you can see this on your desktop screen.

Malwarebytes (1)

How to use Malwarebytes

This is how the installed Malwarebytes program opens.

Malwarebite (2)

Then you can see the tools related to the Malwarebytes program in this way.

Malwarebite (3)


Here you can see Deletion History and Scnner, Real time protection.

Malwarebite (4)

Deletion History provides past reminders on how to remove viruses from your computer.

Scnner can detect and remove viruses on your computer.

Real time protection shows some of the currently protected areas on your computer.

You can see the settings of this program on the top right of the Malwarebytes program.

Malwarebite (5)

Here General, Notification, Security, Display, Allow list, Account, About

In the General you can see the settings related to the basic changes of this program.

Malwarebite (6)

Through the notification you can see the announcements that the program informs the passengers.

Malwarebite (7)

Security shows you how to protect your computer.

Malwarebite (8)

With Display you can change the way this program looks.

Malwarebite (9)

Allow list can indicate where your computer is suspected to be infected with a malicious virus.

Malwarebite (10)

You can see your details regarding updating the Malwarebytes program through the account.

Malwarebite (11)

Full details of this program can be found in About.

Malwarebite (1

This is done primarily by software

1. Removing and protecting the computer from malicious viruses.

2.Protect the computer from intruders while surfing the Internet

This software can be easily installed in programs such as android, iOS, windwos and get the required security.

To download the Malwarebytes software and to learn more about it, visit their official website at malwarebytes


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