what is a notepad


Notepad Introduction is a very useful application software used for typing text. It has unlimited pages for creating plain text documents. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. You can make corrections on the same page. Text Editing Notepad Text editing Notepad is a basic text editing program for Windows devices. It is a commonly used program for editing or viewing a text file.


A text file is identified by its text file name. Dot txt Now click on the Start icon in the lower left corner of the taskbar Start menu Find Windows Devices Click on it The menu expands Notepad window Now opens You can start typing this notepad window. And the menu bar displays the file name and application name in the title bar and the control buttons at its right end Use the control buttons for maximum and minimum. He puts the window menu bar at the bottom of the title bar and shows you five menus that give you different commands to help with file editing template and file menu.

This menu connects to file activation and is used to create a new file. Print the file and exit the Notepad Edit menu This option is used to edit text with options such as delete cut-and-paste. This option is used to change the text option and only the word trap menu menu uses this option To show the status bar of the Text Help menu This menu supports any type of Notepad text typing below the menu bar. How to type notepad in the notepad window There is a text area to type text. The blank area is called the work area and you will see a straight glowing line in the work area. It is now called the cursor using the keyboard.

You can start typing. Remember to move the cursor to the next line. yboard otherwise all text will be typed on the same line. Let’s look at an example of how to type text in Notepad. First, move the cursor before the good us head to change the font and size, as shown in the video. Select the title by pressing the toggle key and the left arrow key, click the Format menu and select the font option The font window opens and by displaying it, the font window opens to change the font. Change the font style on the board by clicking on it. Let’s see how to cut or paste text using the toggle key and the left arrow key.

Gently select the linear text for all Do not speak harsh words Click the edit menu Select the cursor option Always click the cursor menu and before the edit menu Select the paste option Copy the desired text on the edit menu Click on the copy option Click on the edit menu where you want to copy the cursor. Your text will not be copied just because you see the entire text on the word wrapper in Notepad. The horizontal scroll bar is enabled so that you can scroll through the text in Notepad Wrap so that it matches the text in the window.

For this first click on the menu bar format it will not scroll across the entire screen and now you will see how the horizontal scroll bar disappears in the window. A tick mark will appear next to the word wrapper in the form menu.


How to save a document to your document Click the Save file menu Select the Save Option option Type a file name as shown in the box Name Click the Save button Click the Save button to see how to open a document where your document is saved on the computer File option Open Select Open File Select the desired file from the list that appears Click the Open button Now let’s see how to print a document to print a document in Notepad.

Follow the steps below to print from the File menu or press ctrl p on your keyboard Print window appears to take up more than one copy of your document Increase the number of copies Click on the Print button in the box Let’s see how to close Notepad File exit above Notepad window Click or Click the Close button

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