what is a winrar?

What Is WinRAR?


WinRAR or I’re going to talk to you about WinRAR which is really useful because it can compress files and add them to an archive. Are the best compressible files when 7-zip generates 7z files, so let’s add this file to an archive. Now it is in the folder and we want to add this so we can just empty it and click on an empty space and it will be a new one and if you do not have WinRAR then you can see if our zip archive or WinRAR archive is correct. To download it calmly click on the download link now. Install the installation file now. You need to get it. Looks like books because ive and the difference we have in our archive is that it fits best when we ship. Windows Explorer can actually read this file and on the other hand I can not read RAR RAR files is what I call Windows Explorer, but on the other hand where do I go to get a RAR archive when the RAR files are even smaller? We call it the Mac OS X cursor. Because it is a folder hacker and sir ok, the cursor here is an empty archive back to the Mac OS X cursor package and double click on it. There is nothing there. At the moment its size is 20 kilobytes and let’s add this to the archive as it is 550 kilobytes. Still here we have to go ahead and delete it and I want this file Oh, I think yes I will open it and open it Inside we have this file and now let’s go check it out it is sixty five kilobytes and it is not one third smaller and not as small as a small road compress it and make it very small and then click inside it. If all of these small cursors that were previously in the folder are fine, let’s say you want to use it. Putting it in Windows Explorer is very simple.

You can drag it to the desired folder. This can exit and it is still in the archive, then you can go ahead and delete it and open it again. What you can do here really goes well with yes. If you want to get them out of the archive, let’s say you simply extract them as they are called to another folder. Let’s say you want this folder. Let’s say we have two required folders. It’s going to highlight what we want and we’re going to get the essence to the desktop and it should show up here I can do what you quoted. Go to Windows Explorer for the second document. This is a rocket dock and I do not use Windows 7. Let’s just say it’s just a theme. Let’s create a new folder here. I use this for a lot of computer space, but then I usually fit it. So here we are this winter drag our folder to your archive here. It should be there. Instead tell us that all we need is the cursor that appears in this folder and click directly here. The folder comes up and it is open and all the cursors here are so active that I mean we can not go ahead and delete it and it will still be in the archive I think it is very useful. I use it a lot. So if you’ve been doing things with a uploader for a long time and this is also sending you email and dad, you should give up space work. The rarrrr chip is small enough to send or send to our chip archive.

How To Use WinRar (The Basics)


Guys here is what is going on so today I am going to show you how to use WinRR This is just some basic information. It won’t really go that deep. Of course to get it and get everything you will get it every time I make a video and if I have a zip file or RAR file you will get WinRAR and you basically know how to use it. Basically a little introduction about this but here we have R our lab and I have the description link for this right. Here I do not go ahead and leave home or anything I go to go directly to downloads and I do not choose these I will go directly to download the dot exe file once you click but I give you the opportunity to choose any language you use. Obviously I ‘m going to use English because it is my mother tongue and I do not know how to speak another language, so I’m going to use 64-bit because my computer is a Windows 10 64 bit and you have to check this out for me in Windows 10 Or go to everyone who is there.

Windows 10 will go down to this computer in Windows 7 and 8.1 after you go down to your file browser and click on it.Most likely this computer or something like my computer but yes, the same principle right-clicks on anything that he attributes to attack and then your specifications for your computer basically show a general overview of what you have. I have an HP laptop, it’s going to show the processor RAM and what operating system you have and what bit it is 64 bit 64 other operating system I’m sorry. I’m going to minimize this so we can do a 64-bit shot for myself so you can see that you have already done it because I already have it installed but I will run back with you then see how you can really do it Let’s see if it allows me, yes, now when it comes up this is your user agreement. You can read this if you want, but it’s all up to you to go ahead and install and install, then this is basically done. Now you’ve done. You just need to select what you want. You will never be associated with these files. At least I do not have the other ones that you have rated large. You will see a lot or I’m personally or I see our zip and seven zip, usually I feel what they are looking for, then there will be no other video later. I’m going to do a dissertation on power and it all depends on how it goes. If I can find a good one it will run well on my laptop. So we leave this alone and press OK. We can go ahead and print and you can view your license for the homepage and do all these good things that you can support. It’s free. So I’m glad the people who support it are another great program if you support their work, however this is their shortcut manual for everything you do and you should look for everything you don’t really need to pay attention to.

If you want to configure we are not going forward and we are going to exit and we are going to minimize from here and I will show you OK I have no right here I have a zip file. I chose it because what you saw was a zip and everything I chose and I did not choose ISO and Jar but the ones I have other programs like power to me. However this is a zip file, so we will double click on what to do to extract it as an alternative you can right click and then trust the extract but this is the first usage notification I want to see and I will exit Is going to send then as soon as it can get off my screen This is always going to drive my computer crazy and this is what I use from my top 5, so we’ll show you or I will show you how I do this, so we’re going to go ahead , First I have to say Guys I know how to do it I go ahead and create a folder by right-clicking on my desktop and clicking on the new folder, then I create a folder, then I drag and you can do it. Select all of them and put them in there or copy them and paste them there. But I’m going to show you an excerpt-illegal way to do this, then you can press the essence and extract it anywhere you want. And it will put the name of the folder as anything. File or raw file or zip file already named so if you want to change it to your time do it here. You go ahead and press OK. Once it is extracted it should be extracted fairly quickly.

It is no bigger than a complete file system. It has a few small templates and MP4 so wait for this extract to come, I’ll leave it there, leave it there, you have it here, so we can go ahead and open it and you can see that it has been extracted. It’s essential to use it. If you intend to use something like extracting your files regardless of what you have, it is better to use it once, which means you do not have to extract it. For example, if it’s a video you want to watch and someone sent it to you for some reason and you want it as a dot zip or r, for some crazy reason I do not know, you wanted to watch it once. Why did you want to watch it only once and then you can watch it with R or Zip and then delete it I do not know what you want to do with it but if you care about it the file you downloaded is an example of this um Out of concern, I put it in a folder already in a separate area. I can often delete this but you should always extract your files. So every time you quote me I will put it in a file or folder. But it’s really the same thing and it’s essential for you to extract your files, then I’m going to delete this real quick, I’ll keep this there, because maybe it’s really deleting the files I want, so I’m going to keep it It’s really my backup so I’ll show you how to create your own raw file like I said and I’m not a big WinRR PRO or anything like that before. When is our artist? Let me show you basically how to do this, so if you want to put it in a rar file you can do it and then basically send it to arrow.

It has books in it just like it shows in the thumbnail, and it’s like you’re showing your files and stacking them all you need.I’m not so good with compression as everything can send you compression, so in the future I will be able to show you more with compression,. But I’m not sure if this video was made by me or by myself. Absolutely I like to cancel it halfway so it’s so small or uh really let me see this I think it’s actually there but I compressed it so yes but yes when you want to add a bunch of top five there All the files are there, it could be as small as thousands of kilobytes or a couple of megs, but other than that it would be pretty much the same. I will not say too much about how to do some complicated things This is a great tutorial and this is a basic tutorial on how to extract files and how to put them in bars to send them to people or to a website like Mediafire or something similar It is possible that people will download your work. If you want to share templates or download anything like them and in the future I can do something I used in templates or Photoshop and if I want to share it with you I will most likely put it in a rar zip file then it will be on mediafire or other file host Put it on a website.

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