audacity recorder

what is audacity recorder

being able to record and edit audio, like a voiceover, is an important skill to have. It really isn’t as complicated as you might think and we’ll be using a free audio editor and recorder called Audacity. You should always try to record your audio or voiceover first before you even begin making the this for it. This will ensure that your video runs smoothly and that you don’t have to go back to edit the video timing if it’s too fast or too slow for your voiceover. Trying to record a voiceover to an already completed project is annoying because you have to try to fit in everything you want to say . Or, you have to fill in empty spaces if you don’t have enough to say.

audacity recorder

You’ll need a microphone of some sort, either a Bluetooth, USB, or a plug-in microphone or headphones to record your audio. I use the Blue Yeti USB microphone for all of my indoor recording and I love it. I feel like it’s better to buy something good once instead of buying something okay and then upgrading it later anyway, but that’s just me. Audacity works on Windows, Macs, and even Linux. I’m doing these tutorials on a Windows computer, but the layouts should be the same or similar no matter what you’re using to follow along. Some of the different tutorials that are available here include: how to install Audacity, export your files to MP3s, record your audio straight in Audacity, use keyboard shortcuts, remove breaths and mistakes in your recording, and how to remove unwanted background noise. The next video will deal specifically with installing and setting up Audacity so we can export our voiceovers into the MP3 format.

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