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AVG FREE Antivirus Test & Review

When I checked out the free version of AVG Anti-Virus I found a folder containing 20 samples of malware, so we’ve going to see if ABG works as long as it protects us from those malware samples. In a moment a brief overview of the procedure I am going to reactivate the AVG and let it sit for a few minutes.

avg antivirus free

If it detects anything it does a full computer scan and then I scan the folder directly and finally I try to execute any remaining sample. Please note that both AVG and Windows 10 have one quick note update before you start what you are waiting for here.

These are the default settings and I’m going to use them, but please note that you have the option to change this from medium to medium. Also you will not be able to do that because you have a hard mode. Because I’m going to use the default settings again but they are options Please note that it has not detected anything yet and I am going to open the sample folder to see if it seems missing. So we go ahead and scan the computer. The scan is complete and nothing appears to have been detected.

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Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. So it will start all over again. The scan is complete and the results are widely identified and taken to quarantine. So let’s go ahead and finish and check our sample folder. We’re actually going down to five, because this shows a zero kilobyte, and we’re left with five results. The next thing to do is to go ahead and scan the folder directly and see if it detects anything extra.Let’s open this again and see if we can actually implement some of these.

So it seems to have been detected and blocked. So I scanned this again but then it did not prevent it, so I had to go through this. Go ahead and proceed with the next one, then I can not even read to install this but it seems to be happening, so I will go ahead and cancel it, then it seems to have detected another threat It is blocked and now remember that it is good Since I have not yet set the media setting, real-time security is still in the media so raising it may make it even better but still functional. It’s not so bad and we have to go ahead and delete everything in quarantine and then at this point we go ahead and restart the computer and scan the second view and see if anything has happened.

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Anything serious then we’re talking about the results .Remember that after restarting the computer there are four result results left in our sample folder, one of which shows zero kilobytes and in fact there are three results left. I also did a scan with the malware and it came back to zero as a result. In addition I scanned the sample folder directly for malware and it was clean again. I also did an MZ soft scan.


It was clean again with zero results. The result was revealed and the last scan with the scan was also clean with zero result results. Not all serious infections, such as Trojans, have been successfully stopped until the results of this test were first obtained from AVG. Identify three sample installers but keep in mind that all other scans we run and all but one sample are blocked. lly install It’s not a Trojan, it’s not a virus, it’s not a serious infection. It is not an infection at all. But keep in mind that it is a bad program because it is a bad program, especially PU P.

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AVG Antivirus Free Tested

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