what is avira

what is avira

Avira Free Antivirus

I think it’s time to test Avira’s antivirus again for free, but they’s not yet installed their god’s dangerous user interface and it seems no joke. I do not like this UI. The advanced options are largely non-existent or hidden so deep that it can only be found by prison warriors and they seem to have added no interesting components.


So it is a loss-loss. Because if we go into a configured real-time security scan, we see the flaws up front and what they call their cloud protection, and other than that I do not see a new cool behavior blocker or hip module that provides serious zero day protection. So today it seems that Avira is relying heavily on its signatures which are generally beautiful. We have a few malware links to start an investigation and then we go to some files. Let’s try this and see how it happens. Our first malicious URL I will try to download and activate.

avira 3

If the executable file server dot ex is a very common malware name, I do not know what the person was thinking when they named it, because you can get a fully server-enabled file, I mean it makes sense and if the server is this Empowerment Download seems to be on steroids 552 Kb I have to joke My internet is bad but it’s not bad but well malware has its own way, so we have to wait and finally the file is ready to use and a virus like me can not use it You I would be very happy if it was set up before Avira. But it is a good recognition. Alerts are still dangerous according to the GUI and still have a free scanning policy every time your system detects it

This little download will give us a decisive response sooner or later. Nothing seems to be working This is a ridiculous message that failed to activate insufficient system resources, but let us continue if it is blocked. This is because exe seems to have blocked many malware. The alarm sound back to Avira seems to be so buggy in my VM. No, it’s Walker again. I mean if it didn’t take that long it would be a superhero. So it’s like two more links. Rediscovery a Maybe because they are implementing a new technology because it is a little different, but it is still in the real-time security module. The final link here is only 24 kilobytes.


Again we may have an error Avira Luke file has been blocked and Walker is back and I thank you now I do not need to go through any more links It is time to get our files, so I need to disable real time security for a moment while copying these things. Otherwise Luke Mist Walker will kill me. Some Fresh Malware Samples 403 Now I realize it’s just an old warning, but yes, I have 403 malware here, so I’ll scan right click.

We will wait until the scan period is over. So we wait until the scan period is over. It’s time to dump her. I have to worry that you have to worry about that. I pick everything up and try to clean up. Now that this is over we move on to calculating the detection rate should be very interesting and I am generally afraid that this will do a good job.

avira 3

But the removal options seemed more obvious to you What is wrong with telling people what you mean by quarantine removal? Going to do, but in this day and age no one really does so now I go out and plant a few trees. I hope you will all do so by the time you grow up. So for more than five minutes after boosting my CPU, Fira only got 2%. Optimization these days is only 2%. Age is unforgivable and sorry Avara is not a big fan. It seems I have heard. I hope I can finish this video once all of our scans are done and Domino can make me a pizza to watch in 1 hour and 18 minutes and deliver it in less than twice that.

Virus protection However it has many repaired files so at any time close this window and see what is left in the malware folder. So we have 74 items, but I’m sure to reboot the system and do another scan with Avira. Everything seems to have been revealed correctly and it looks like a few more items have been revealed after another update, so we hope to go ahead and clean these up. At this point it is likely to be quick.

Even after the second rage, it gets more and more files. It gives me a similar revelation, so it says that this file containing the pattern of this thread is blocked so they seem to make a lot of pattern adjustments and maybe use aggressive heuristic, so I’m going to remove some of these, but What amazes me a little is how the most invasive healing of the skin is not used. Because that’s what you normally expect. I do not know if the warnings are correct, however. It’s a cloud kicking etection in me Let’s continue this until I stop getting warnings. Then we can zero the detection rate. As you can see, I think we’re getting some more real-time hints.

Urea is finally done and we calculate the safe detection rate so that the remaining 41 items can detect about 90%. Eight out of nine points can now be accurately said. Avara will still be able to block some payments, so we’ll start and update some of the things that DAV has. So let’s get started Some people seem to be working well It’s really interesting to talk about peop, so there’s a misleading update button on the front page of Avira so we have a start update button and an update button so avoid clicking on your users have.

It’s interesting to take them now to a new page, so I mean you can not expect PPS to be blocked when it’s too close to PAP and in fact this is not just Vira Avast and AVG has probably not gone down that path One thing I like but can’t think too much about is that if you want to deal with something like this, it’s your choice.

avira 4

But it’s definitely pulling me away, so I think there’s some kind of activism here again because most of these others are peopies and some of them have blocked a suspicious pattern again because they do not work. Suppose Flash Player is interesting. Now we have a lot of installers. Restart the computer for a moment and come back with the second view scan results. Some of these installers will be blocked after starting their work. Usually I get this warning about suspicious patterns before entering the second suspicion.

It’s really funny that one of the PDSs installed in this test process is Avast in the ion scan results. So it’s really funny, so now we have both Avast. If you are running this system, it’s time to look at wow, both Samana and Hitman Pro seem to have this one risk. Then the web browser homepage that we have changed to Yahoo is not dangerous. So it is not dangerous. So the overall result is very good in terms of overall security. The pattern adjustment is very good as I do not see a new behavioral element.

A lot of dubious stuff has been selected. Of course it’s nice to know almost all the P-ups in the implementation, but overall the lack of optimization, weak Geo Eye and lack of advanced features make this a big choice at this point. I mean we have a lot of free AV products out there right now.

To me this no longer uses this software tware just feels painful and the UI does not respond and it seems to stay on most CPUs. Maybe I’m happy with the signature-based security and if you don’t really care I leave the final choice to you as a personal preference. I think you can still use this on the descriptions I mentioned. But I suggest considering other options.

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Avira Free Antivirus Test

We are testing the free version of Vera and I have a folder containing 85 samples of malware, which we will use to test Vera as long as it protects us from these specific threats. In a moment below Vera I activate real time protection with Vera and then let’s just sit for a few minutes and see if it can identify something on its own. We then perform a system scan to scan the sample folder directly, and then try to execute them. Before we begin, let’s look at whether real-time security can protect us.

avira 1

We double check and make sure Vera is up to date. Now that it’s up to date, let’s move on and enable real-time security. Then we go ahead and let it sit for a moment. I’ll wait a few minutes. Let’s go ahead and check out our sample folder. It seems we still have 85 samples, so we have them all.

At this point we go ahead and run a system scan and to do so we click on the scan and do a full scan. Then we go ahead and start it. When this is done we go back with the results of the scan, it seems that we have a long list of results. So we go ahead and complete the action and the action and it gives a report of what was found.

We go ahead and close it, then we click on the end and double check our sample folder. There seems to be another one. So let’s go ahead and do a straight skin. Nothing so far Let’s go ahead and finish it and finish it and move on and try to activate it. At this point we went ahead and restarted the computer and after activating the second poll I restarted and I did a scan with the malware.

As the result has been revealed, we will go ahead and quarantine it. I also did a scan with MZ Software and got thin with zero results so we started a quick review with 85 samples of malware. But when we did a full system scan, one was detected and it was PU P that was missed. It is missed but they are very common. So I threw it in there. You can get those results in the results and come to your own conclusion about security. Please note that this is only one type of test.

avira 2

When you install it, the free version of Avera also installs the Blu-ray and other programs you need to put on your computer, even for a free program. It’s a bit too much in my opinion, so please remember that if you choose to go back through these programs and applications and use this anti – virus solution and remove the blotware and stuff you do not need. Ff your computer


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