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What is the Difference between Google and Google Chrome

What is the difference between Stone and Google Chrome? First of all, Google Inc. is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products that include Internet advertising technology search, which you often use for cloud computing, and other software that is now available for Google at a profit. The most popular is AdWords, an online advertising service that advertises near the list of search results you see when you go to Google. The company was founded in September 1998. It is headquartered in Mountain View, California and is co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. You can find all this information online. I found it on Wikipedia. It’s now Google Chrome Google is a free web browser developed by this web browser or it is an application or program first released for Microsoft Windows in September 2008 Tember and so I have now received information to collect this information from Wikipedia. This is similar to the Google type car and Google Chrome is the Google Chrome map.
google chrome

Intro to Google Chrome

Google Chrome has now been discussed several times in our past classes. Usually when we talk about something new to Windows or new to Mac we start talking about web browsers that actually come with Windows Internet Explorer and come with Mac Safari. Generally I recommend not using those web browsers at that time in our class. Go with Chrome instead. Recently I was teaching one of those classes. Someone raised an issue. The reason why various features of Google Chrome are outdated and so is what we are doing today. One thing we need to mention before we start here is that if you are on Mac we are going to create this for you right now I am teaching in Windows 7 they are very similar but only a few changes, so here we are Google Chrome in Windows 7, so I will I started using Chrome many years ago. There are several reasons why this stands out in my mind as the best web browser out there. The first is that it has built in a feature in the guts where it will automatically sync across all your various devices, so if I add my bookmark to the computer and I now have no button to go to the bookmark on my tablet, I just want to push it  your flash player is obsolete and then you will get a troublesome little pop-up that does not exist in the world of Chrome.

It should be noted, however, that if you try to access a Flash website on an iPhone or iPad, it will not work, but in such cases there are usually apps that allow you to access Sam, such as e – YouTube. Content is not a website, the third element I really like is you There are tons of different extensions and apps you can use in Chrome, it’s appealing to Google Chromebook, it’s their own laptop, it was released a few months ago and I like the mixed reviews but there are a few that improve its overall user friendliness Things I think they still need to do, so we’re going to find out the basics, and then I’m going to show you some advanced features, so let’s start at the top of the web. google chrome advanced features

Of course follow your back button and your front button. This little icon is a symbol of universal freshness if you are not familiar with it, so let’s say we bid on something on eBay. The timer has dropped and if you still want to see if it’s still there you’re the winner if you click this button it will be refreshed Website hotkey do it ctrl + the lett er R so if you hold ctrl tap R it is Mac only Can do but next use the command key We have the Home button here. This is not necessarily required of all versions of Chrome. Will be accessing that feature later today, of course we have our website address bar, but it’s more than just an address bar, it’s Google too, so let’s always say, for whatever reason, puppies and kittens I want to do research.

I use go to and after typing it I can just click there and type puppies and kittens and it will google it for you. I can always do this the way I like to mention it here. This is because no one in every web browser knows this. Chrome Firefox Safari You do not need to type ww to name it. gIPC Classes Online com Enter, it will finally go right there. You are going to see a bunch of small buttons that do not come standard with Chrome and they are an extension I added to my web browser but you see this little star is actually empty by default, so let’s go to another site. Of course I can do it. By default this star is empty for those you do not know. This is how you bookmark a website, so if you want me to visit this site often you can click on this little star icon and it will usually add a bookmark to you. In our case, this little word is also called home in PC classes, as information can be obtained under a real name rather than a website address. It has to do with how we build our website. So one tip is that you may want to go to your bookmarks and edit them a bit so you can delete the word. It tells you where you want to save this bookmark and now most people are going to save it to the bookmarks bar here.

google chrome bookmarks

It’s just below the web bar. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. The other thing you can do is create a folder. For example I have done it here and for example when I go to My Different Technology News I have a lot of different items listed under your tools and I have a bunch of different web tools that I use so you can create them as you want. The different ways I go To give you an easy right-click on a gray blank space here you can hit create a folder where you can add a new folder and name it if you want. If you want to call it anything you can call it news and then one way you can do it is if you have created it you can drag it to your various websites and drag it into it now I click on a new folder If PC classes are online and you ever want to delete a bookmark, all you have to do is right-click on it and delete it. Then it’s the main place you go right now in the upper right to find your various options and settings.

You have these three little lines and they have a lot of different Google products that use this symbol, then if you have a popup it will look like an Android or Android tablet and for example here we can go to create a new tab on the web without closing your screen is really easy There is a way to open several sites, and when I do, the second small tab here opens at the top, and if there is another way you can do that, you can open another tab by clicking this small button. Of course I have to give you three different ways to do it so the other way is to use a hook, so if you hold the keyboard control key and tap the letter T like on the tab it will be done by the Mac users themselves. Anything but a command If you want to open a new window the next option here is Controller N Hotkie is a new obscure window and basically what you unknowingly mean is something like personal exploration. Safari does not track your data and does not show it in your history It is anonymous below us We can go to the bookmarks manager and it will give you a great layout. Another unique feature is that if you view from here import the bookmarks and settings we have Chrome you have downloaded but if you have used other web browsers it will not only import your bookmarks but also your saved passwords from various browsers like Safari Firefox have.

google chrome saved passwords

You are closed and you can go there We have zoomed in This is for this particular page and I am going to show you how to zoom in universally in a minute No one actually saves the page so it saves the actual HTML code Website these days you have a print option .

Tools I do not think we should go beyond history and downloads You can go there and then we have the settings and it’s the next feature we are going to start with. One thing you need to know if you have a computer is that Chrome can tell you what to do.

You may have how Windows works and generally talk with privacy when you go to install a program that will give you 50 more things you can install at once, such as a toolbar or any other small application that you do not care about.I work with clients a lot of times and they start using Chrome and suddenly adding a few basic extensions or apps opens a new web browser and a new window goes to Yahoo. Or you may want to check this out here because it’s a weird version of Google that I have not heard of and it says open a specific page or group of pages when you go to your web browser, then you can now click here to edit the page there either Facebook uses Google or a news site as their homepage, so you have a place where you can start using it and you have what I have. Now it’s another website and to remove it click the small X here, then type the address of the website you want to load and click right below us We have optional options so you can choose different themes. If you go with one of the apps that is going to show you in a minute you will not really need it, because it will go beyond that. Remember the oh home button If you want to show that I mentioned you a second ago you click here. If you like it or do not like Google, you can change it by clicking here under the search options and change it as requested by Yahoo Bing. You need that information I’m sorry man my personal opinion you can choose to make it the default by squeezing it into one of these classes which never happens Somehow you can see your default browser here I have already done it and then we will get to advanced settings And let me scroll down a bit here OK, you can actually change your privacy options. Another key element here is that it’s a good idea to check passwords and forms, so it’s important that the browser you choose to access your web site save your password information and know where that data is so that you can access it if you need to take it to the streets. It’s exactly here you click Automate Settings Manage, I’m sorry you can manage saved passwords More than anything for Windows users One of the features I want to get rid of Passwords This returns privacy to see a list of all the websites you have saved Do not find requests with your exploration traffic.

A good way not to give away all your information is to scroll down a little more on one point I mentioned a minute ago. Here you can go universal all over the site and it changes the way you look. If you have a small computer or your vision is not the same as before, you can change the web content and say it every time there is a font. Zoom in, so everything is not just text. If you go too far on the font here it may start to distort some websites. Be aware of this. If you want to enlarge the page, enlarge it a bit, maybe increase it to 125 or 150.

All these settings will be saved below across all your various devices. We really have languages. I do not think we should go beyond those downloads if you want. For example, change your download location Maybe people will save it to Google Drive or Dropbox instead of saving it to their downloads folder, so that all the devices they have downloaded have that data and go further If you have a printer we have Google Cloud Print Options. Google basically uses cloud printing. If you can use it and you decide to use it I can print it 100 miles away on my computer and it will print something at home from my printer.

google chrome Google Cloud Print Options

If you need to reset all browser settings from time to time, you will need a special printer to perform this feature. When we recently uploaded the latest version of computer classes, people who went there did not see it as soon as we launched it. It looked like an older version that could tell you to reset browser settings and explore different types of content. I don’t do that now. It’s the basic settings here, but the other thing is we need to talk about our extensions and applications. We & # 39; ve been in the settings for a long time now and there are small programs running in the background when you browse the web, so I’ll give you an example. I bought a new TV for and went to Amazon to see the different models and I found a Samsung model. I really cared about a Samsung model that I liked and the hand running in the background because it was invisible gave me a bit of a pop up and told me that I found this TV for less than Abe’s main calm and that was where I could get the same gadget for less money Shows. I saved $ 300 from Amazon. It’s great because it’s going to happen sometime after the app. Be sure to check out the ad block for cute little things that work in the background that can be really useful for anything more than anything for you Windows users. And this is a good way to avoid this and you can check this out and avoid video ads Sorry for running on Facebook and YouTube you can go to its real courage and find different options you can use it but it is your overall web browsing experience It’s a good way to upgrade and again it’s free from various apps. All I have to do is watch and extend the one I actually paid for. Most of you will never need this. But Facebook Inviting All Friends Pro means if you have made a statement and you want to send it to me, everyone wants to do it through Facebook. You will be able to select all the elements you have essentially clicked on and hover over it. You’re sorry, every application you see is taken down. I’m sorry I keep saying apps. One is this, so when I open a new tab you can see 9 to 5 Mac Amazon com if you do not see all the websites I visit frequently as Facebook or a real or great blog. See the other ones I use. There is a bunch here. I will not use it anymore. Another fun is photo zooming for Facebook.

It essentially does if you are on Facebook and someone posts a photo if you roll your cursor. The photo will blow it up Of course you can see a larger version of that photo without opening it. Now if you go up here we will talk about the actual apps to get the apps, but here the top left will take you to the apps by default you have installed programs that run in Chrome . This is a big feature of the Google Chrome operating system, and we hope to get a video of it soon. For example, if I do not have them, you who watch our videos in the US are probably familiar with 60 minutes of using this 60 minute app. I can watch it anytime I want It can be according to my schedule I have a Pandora app. The background is OK, what you can do now to get the most out of them is go to the bottom right of your screen and it says Web Store, Click Now Chrome has thousands of apps Like most app stores will now be the best feature overall Heather you Most of them on a tablet and iPhone are cunning and I have no say, but there are some great ones out there, I’ll give you a few samples of them overall I still recommend you go here and explore them alone and see what appeals to you under the big collection That there is. Why are they here for your desktop? I say you should have an easy way to check the weather as I have always found the ones that appeal to me. You can click on the weather error.

This version of the weather bug is many times cleaner than the version you’re connected to a computer when you buy it, that version can slow down your computer and make it work when you need it and this is what most people want to scroll through here. You can see that there are tons of different applications. Web browser is an interesting concept and I can not say that I have used it so far. We will scroll it down here. Let’s go to the popular apps. Maybe it will show some more. Empower many games here Google Maps You can see that I installed it, it’s often associated with Gmail Google Drive, apps we do not note Google Drive is a really good feature If you have not searched it before, cut the Pandora rope Another game Spotify we have made a whole class and it is easy for you Go through Netflix at your own pace and find any app you like and I found that about 99 percent of these apps are free and charge very little and this is something you can go and explore all day as you start downloading more and more You can check out which ones are popular and if it’s going to learn your taste then you can go here and recommend it. So it makes a few suggestions based on what you have downloaded and it has been basically a huge fan since Google Chrome launched it for you and it is reliable and full of features.

Why is Google Chrome Fast?

Google Chrome Fast

processing HTML, producing a DOM, and providing many of the APIs that web developers use. In itself, it is not a browser, but it’s a key component of a browser, and it’s used in Google Chrome, Safari, Mobile Safari, and many other browsers, including most of the mobile web browsers. So, WebKit can be thought of as a rendering engine. And this means that it handles a specific set of tasks. So one of the tasks it deals with is taking raw HTML and CSS from the web and parsing them into a format that can then be dealt with programmatically. It also deals with issuing resource loads for all the resources within a page that are needed, and it communicates with a JavaScript engine to ensure that the script on the page runs properly.

There’s a few major things that the WebKit library does not provide itself. For example, it doesn’t provide a networking library or a graphics library, but it does handle the majority of the tasks needed to develop a browser. WebKit as an open source library is really a global community. There are contributors all over the world and they work from many different countries. So it’s not unusual to have check-ins happening at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning our time, because that might be the middle of the afternoon somewhere else. So you really get to work with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. It’s quite exciting. WebKit is a very important part of Chrome’s speed. It’s integral to displaying web pages and interacting with web apps.

A large portion of the amount of time spent loading a page, or displaying a page, or responding to a user action is spent inside WebKit since it deals directly with a DOM and the interactions between DOM and JavaScript. So we closely monitor the performance of WebKit and the performance of WebKit within Chrome to make sure that things stay fast. So the WebKit project, which existed well before Google got involved, has always been monitoring its performance and ensuring that as new features get added and code gets changed around, that things don’t get slower. One of the main ways that this happens is with what are called page load time tests. And what they do is they load a sequence of pages in the browser and then time how long it took for each page to load up and display.

And these tests have proven very useful in making sure that as new things get added, things don’t get slower. We also have a number of automated tests that are designed to specifically target certain things. So, we have a number of tests that deal with interactions between the JavaScript and the DOM because it’s very important in any sort of dynamic web page. And we use this to attempt to detect regressions and ensure that when we do check-in optimizations, that they really speed things up. And then the worst form of regression testing is actually users, but it’s useful for Chrome since we have the Dev channel. So as we push new, maybe slightly untested builds out to users, they will go out, try it on many web pages, and then report back things that got slower.

And through that, it means we can pretty quickly detect that we’ve broken something and go on and fix it. And ideally, we’ll add in automated tests to ensure that we don’t make that certain action slower any more. One of the things that we’ve been working on with WebKit is with interactions between WebKit and the other libraries we have. So one of the main ones is between WebKit and V8, which is the JavaScript engine we use in Google Chrome. Web applications will frequently run some JavaScript code, which then calls into native code. For example, they’ll try to update some parts of the DOM or change some styles around, and ensuring that those transitions are very quick is an important part of our speed.

So a lot of work has gone into making sure that you can quickly jump from the JavaScript engine to the native code. There’s also work that has been done to ensure that you don’t end up losing too much time transferring certain data types. Some of the work that we’re looking at now has to do with scaling issues. So when WebKit was initially written, the web happened to be somewhat simpler. Pages would be smaller, they’d have fewer images, they’d have fewer texts. But as the web develops and developers start pushing it in different directions, things tend to get larger and more complicated. So, a web page nowadays might have a DOM that’s maybe 10 times as large as the DOM would have been a few years ago. And a lot of the pieces of code that worked fine when things were a little bit simpler are now starting to have some scaling issues.

So, one of the things we’re working on is trying to identify those issues where the initial code just doesn’t quite scale well and figure out ways to handle them a little bit more gracefully. One of the other things we’re working on to improve performance is to add new APIs that developers can use to make richer web pages that are still very fast. One example would be Workers, which let developers use multi-threading techniques, and they allow a web page to do more processing without blocking up the UI. Another one is persistent storage APIs, which let web applications store data on the client side without having to constantly resync everything with the server. And another one that’s really exciting is new 3D APIs.

So this lets web developers build really exciting interesting UIs without having to do tons and tons of 3D processing in JavaScript. And a lot of the work for APIs like this happens in the WebKit layer. A lot of these new features are in HTML5. I believe Workers are in the HTML5 specification. And there’s a number of new APIs that aren’t in the particular specification called HTML5 but are in the general category of new APIs. So one of the interesting things about developing a new API for the web is that once you do develop a new API for the web, it tends to get used all over the web. And so one of the challenges when developing these new APIs is ensuring that you develop them in such a way that they’ll be interoperable across browsers and that you don’t make any mistakes that you live to regret later.

So when developing these new APIs, there’s constant communication with other browser vendors and with application authors to see what sort of APIs they want and how they can be implemented in a way that’s efficient, both for the implementer and for the applications. One of the areas in WebKit that ends up often being a real performance hotspot has to do with dealing with strings. A lot of the resources that you download from the web are in string form, all of your HTML, all of your CSS, all of your JavaScript. And in general, a large part of your data comes down as strings from the web and then is handled internally in JavaScript as a string. And typically, these strings will be in different encodings in different stages of the process.

So when downloading from the web, it’s fairly common to receive UTF-8 encoded strings. But within WebKit, the HTML tokenizer and CSS parser and so forth expect UTF-16 strings, whereas within the JavaScript engine, strings might be represented as ASCII or UTF-8 or UTF-16. depending on the context. So one of the performance optimizations that we’ve had to make in several places has been ensuring that we do not re-encode strings when we don’t have to, and when we do re-encode strings, we try to optimize for the common cases. So one example has been a string that’s in a general encoding like UTF-8 or UTF-16 will often actually be mostly ASCII, especially if it’s JavaScript or CSS.

And so if we know that that’s the common case, we can optimize for that case and end up encoding the string very quickly, if it actually is ASCII. In some cases, we save whether or not the string in a general format really is ASCII or not, because then we can do a very quick string formatting pass. And this has turned out to be a pretty big win on some pages. Another area that ends up being a performance hotspot has to do with repainting. So WebKit will internally keep a representation of all of the elements on the page, where they go, and then in what order they should be painted. And then when something changes on the page, say, an element moves or some text is deleted, then some of the elements on the page move and then they have to be repainted so that the user can see the update.

So we’re careful to only repaint the region of the screen that’s needed, ensuring that we don’t issue too many repaints. So one of the cases that causes problems was if we issued repaints for many regions of the screen that were overlapping, then that would actually be slower than issuing one repaint for the entire region. So we have some logic to coalesce adjacent paint rectangles. Another issue has been with generating repaint rectangles that are larger than the region of the screen that actually changed. So we’ve had to introduce a few checks to make sure that we only issue a repaint for the smallest possible area that could have actually changed.

And we have to be careful when doing these that we don’t end up underpainting, which means that we failed to repaint a region of the screen that has changed. But when we get this correct, it is actually a big performance improvement.

The story behind Google Chrome

The story behind Google Chrome

Web Kit is the underlying rendering engine for Chrome, because it’s very fast. It’s very lightweight, it’s very small and easy to maintain code base. [pause] >> So we’ve worked really hard to keep the browser very fast– especially when it’s accessing these very powerful sites– and also to keep it very stable. For instance, if you’re doing something… if you’re playing a game in one browser tab and it suddenly slows down a lot because, you know, suddenly you have 58 monsters on the screen you have to kill, you’re next tab over, that’s running your email, isn’t going to be slowed down by that. >> And so we came up with this system whereby each web app would be run in its own environment, isolated from the others. And this allowed us to make them more robust. >> Other browsers, what might happen is the entire browser would crash.

So you lose your online banking session. You lose the document that you were editing. You lose everything. In Google Chrome, if one tab goes down the other tabs will stay up. [pause] >> So, in building Chrome we were very concerned about security. One of the things that gives us a lot of mileage is the multi-process architecture of Chrome. So each renderer runs in a separate process on your computer. And that means that they’re isolated from each other, so that one can’t talk to the other and steal information. >> So what we do is we essentially give each web page its own little playground, its own sandbox. So you’ve got your online banking running on one tab. You’ve got your search results, your Gmail, in another tab. The two can’t talk to each other.

And if something bad happens in one sandbox– you know, it’s, like, maybe there’s a giant flood or it’s about the rain– the other sandbox is going to stay nice and dry, nice and happy. Your tab is going to be isolated from the other tabs. [pause] >> In an engineering and browser sense, Chrome is the… is the user interface itself. It’s the stuff around the outside of the window, the buttons, the toolbars, all that kind of stuff. And, so, hand in hand with that was this design philosophy that we took, which was we wanted to maximize content and minimize Chrome. >> In designing Chrome, we felt that we had to make it invisible. People shouldn’t have to think about Google Chrome. People should have to think about their applications. >> And in this process, we have taken a very minimalistic approach, just like You know, if you think of the white page in, we tried to do the same with the browser.

>> From top to bottom we designed the interface to make sure it was as efficient and clean as possible. We argued over every single pixel in the chrome of Chrome to make sure that there was nothing wasted. [pause] >> So Google Chrome is a fully open-source browser, right? So we want to release this in a way in which others adopt good ideas from us– like we want to adopt good ideas from other folks– and help the browser get better. >> People should be able to dig into that. People should be able to learn from it, and people should be able to contribute. >> We really want the work that we do to, sort of, raise the bar for browsers. We want to push browsers further. We want to make the capabilities better. We want to be able to allow for better web applications to be delivered. >> Even if Google Chrome itself isn’t used by everyone on the web, as long as it makes the web better we’ve achieved our goal.

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