what is opera mini?

 opera mini 1

Opera Mini is a free web browser for every mobile phone created if you need a web. You can now get it from your current phone. So this is the Opera Mini start screen. I can enter a URL here when you first load it. Google or I can go Check out some of the bookmarks I have previously loaded I’m really going to do is search Wikipedia for Paris. I type in Paris as I enter a text message as I go there.

opera mini 2

Click OK to search now What you see is it connects to a server and it’s going to reduce the size of the page so it’s going to compress a bit so you do not have to pay. Data transfer is as fast as it gets. I’m loading the page now because the content is a bit formatted to fit on the screen so it’s easy for me to read and scroll through. There’s a shot at the Eiffel Tower, where I’ll be coming soon, so you’s going to go to Opera Mini – Opera Mini-com to get more information about downloading it to your phone.

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