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Now today we are going to talk about What is Skype. Skype is a voice over IP service and software application that was first released in 2003 and was bought out by microsoft in 2011. Skye users are able to communicate with their peers buy using a microphone, webcam or instant messaging. to anyone in the world. Calls to other users on Skype are absolutely free but if you use Skype to call someone on a landline phone or mobile phone there is a charge per minute. Skype is also known for its additional features such as file transfer and video conferencing so you can video conference with more than one person.


So let’s just say you have a friend who is a Yankee from one of them Northern States and you can’t get a hold of him because you don’t have enough minutes on your cellular phone or don’t have long distance on your landline phone All you need is internet and a computer or a cell phone then you and your friend need to download Skype. If you want to both video chat you both need access to a webcam. with a microphone so you can see each other and hear each other. But if you don’t have a microphone or webcam don’t worry you can still text chat in the instant messaging. Now isn’t that slicker than a peach with Vaseline on an ice skating rink? Look out for more IT and Iced tea videos and if you have a topic you would like us to cover please feel free to let us know.

What is Skype for Business? How To Use

What is Skype for Business?

Microsoft Edge or Fill Merchant is another new feature you may want to use if switching to the cloud and voice, and there are other air connectivity options, we’re going to cover, and if you do not want to travel your fill lines to Microsoft we’s the Skype Online Control Panel admin.

I hope to end the first part with a demonstration and I will show you what is in it, and then we will go to online meetings. We’re going to discuss a new service called Meeting Broadcast and we’re going to end with a few client options, some of which are new, enterprise and voice we can use to connect online via Skype, and finally you It will end here with a license discussion on how to purchase these services and a few more details.

When entering questions then we will finally position some, we will start here if we have fun, so it will be moderate and voice Skype online, you know when we talk about two separate services when talking about Skype online and voice. The cloud PBX service is its own licensed SKU and basically gives you PBX, so it’s PBX Online. But no telephone lines are connected.

There is nothing to take in incoming calls or outgoing calls from the cloud. The other service is the PSTN call service from Microsoft, which we briefly mentioned before we dug into it. So let’s go ahead and start with Cloud PBX and look at what’s here. Then Cloud PBX Really Enjoy The Heart The Skype Online Men’s Service You Know This is now a replacement for the traditional PBX in your database or your learning link or business enterprise or voice Skype.

Since the office is 365 in the cloud, all of our call controls go through the cloud PBX We can integrate cloud PBX with an existing Skype or Link phone system and you have other methods that do not have Skype roll, there are other ways to connect it with an older PBX system, so we can connect it with your PSTN. All of these standard client line PC clients can connect your clients with the cloud PBX that you can use with the Skype server on the premises. We’ll go over it later in the webinar, but one thing to note here is that you know the cloud.


PBX is PBX only, so there is no phone line that you know of which is a separate purchase from Microsoft, or we have to integrate it with your premises and voice infrastructure to use those phone lines. Buy Cloud PBX You can basically make internal calls between your users, you can make a mobile phone call outside your network You can buy a PBX call as a call, or if you have E5 Suites it is included in it. The various methods that we can license will be dug up here later, and the really cool thing about cloud PBX is that when new features come out they are always released at different time intervals each year and there is no need to update it properly when released by Microsoft. The first day feature will give you access to the many available polls and you can start using those features as their release, so you have no reason to go back to Cisco and pay for an upgrade there.

Monthly service costs for cloud PBX for your users, so here’s a few points to highlight on the cloud PBX feature roadmap, so a lot of features came out when it was first released, but it still missed some of the advanced things you see in a traditional PBX system You can now see the sand key 9-1-1 Call Wait Call ID and voicemail have all those standard features and will be a major release this fall for about a year. It could be around the October time frame. Maybe it will be late October, or they will add a few more features.

In the second column I highlighted some of the big ones most people hear are auto assistants and hunting teams and missing call queues from the cloud PBX. This will prevent people from getting out of there. PBX If you have a small call center or help desk you need a hanger Call queues and the like will come later this year. So the big one is the outgoing dew handle, so we can start the mask numbers by changing the number called the outgoing mask. By calling your phone and extension this will be a significant feature later this year and next year.

User like Dynamic Inai will not really follow, it will come out later next year. Also it was busy I will get there with the busy personal road multi line look. Now many of these are features with on-site versions of Skype for Business clients if you already use Voice or Link 2013. Here’s another thing you get with cloud PBX and voicemail. One thing I should note here is that when you receive cloud PBX you will also receive voice mail service. And voicemail are still actually stored and the defined message outlines.

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So if you go to one of the high-end enterprise sweets like E5, you should have that exchange plan now to get licenses. PBX Don’t worry about it there, but if you buy an alligator you will also want to make sure that you have an exchange plan so that voicemail is fully functional. It’s a new and voicemail service that actually hosts the way you are now. . Your personalized gr eetings and all that is very similar to what you are used to on the premises now. Another point to note now is that we cannot classify partnerships.

So we can not use voicemail if the user’s mailbox is still on the premises.Cloud We will take that mailbox there. Or if that user already has a mailbox that wants to use online books, we can not split through the woods right now. If they now want to show us a call quality dashboard, go to Skype Online Call Quality Monitoring Reports or Talk for now. I’m going to show you this in a little more detail. Some description of the representation is on the screen to the right of someone who has been using it for a while. You have a lot of good data and voice lines so you already know that it’s going to show some records and I will customize your own records and customize your records that I have already built in you. As I mentioned a few other epistemological connection options with Microsoft PSTN: Microsoft PSTN: The service is an additional SK that you purchase from Microsoft for each of your users using Microsoft Azure or the phone carrier. Move the Microsoft Azure Phone Carrier If there are other connection options that you have stolen or contracted with the normal lease lines in your data center, we can give users a complete telephone system to take them to the cloud PBX but to remove your normal telco connection from your data center There are lines.

So the first thing I want to touch here is the call service and it will look at the Microsoft Cloud Connector version. What kind of bridge does it have with PBX inherited from the PBX website and is also a hybrid version if you are already running Links. Business server and server or Skype for your data center, so you can see a small graph of Microsoft PSTN call service as you know this is a complete cloud solution and you know that our cloud PBX is directly connected to Microsoft service.

If we were in this situation we would never come back to our data centers. You know that we buy numbers through Microsoft and you can select the area codes we want to use. Our users who work through the Microsoft service say that this adds clients to the cloud PBX clients, so you do not need to make sure that you do not receive any copies over the Internet if you purchase Cloud PBX. Household prices for a separate purchase are $ 12 per month.

Internationally I mean 24 hours a month for international and domestic and every user gets 3,000 minutes and the good thing about it is the whole minute, so if you have five licensed users 15,000 minutes out of five users out of the cloud for a month Will get you, so there are plenty of minutes they give you to use. If anyone ever goes overboard I’m sure they’ll have a few more minutes in the pool. Automatic pull from now on It is only available in Puerto Rico in the US and the UK.

It was released two and a half months ago in the UK about two months ago. Codes are available in all parts of the United States. Most cities have labeling or selection in the UK, so if you know its employees need a local UK phone number you can assign it to them. If you are in the UK plan this is a month now- you have paid 12 or so as it is a monthly billing service  Lund also issues what they call consumer bills 24 hours a day, so if you do not want to pay for a few minutes, you can actually have someone sign up for consumption bills and pay basically as you go and you will be charged by the minute.

Those charges and those charges vary based on local calls or local calls like any other telco provider. Now with the call service we really have two options regarding phone numbers. Microsoft can give us new numbers. So we choose from a pool of them, or we can take our numbers from our existing carrier.

If you have less than a thousand users it usually takes a few days and you can go through the web query or yourself. If you have more than a thousand service tickets opened with Microsoft and Microsoft, an engineer will assign you to take you through the entire process we saw.

The ordering process takes about three weeks and may take a little longer depending on the number of sites you have and the number of sites you have. It’s all based on one billing address. So if you have multiple billing addresses, it could be the call service called Cloud PBX and Office 365, which are covered under the Office 365 Agreement, so that number may take some time to port and may fluctuate. Then you can see Microsoft on the right. Your call quality rate is always less than a certain percentage Ninety-nine percent Ninety-five percent You will get a service loan back for that month and it’s not something you have to monitor and it’s something that is added at the portal and Microsoft is always looking at those things And if you have some call quality issues they will give you back, so we talked about Microsoft PST and Call Service. If you do not want to move them immediately or you still have a two year contract with your telco provider, there are ways to move you to the cloud and reconnect your users to those existing lines.

Use their existing phone numbers, which I actually thought were hybrid options, so I’m going to go through the first one here, which is the pure hybrid option, so this is if you already run Links 2013 or Skype for Business Server Enterprise and Voice in your data.

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Now centered and you are connected to your PSTN and you receive phone calls we can configure those systems with a hybrid connection with the cloud PBX and one caveat to that is that you use it because you need to maintain a high level of unique services Office 365 to connect but we can turn it into a pure hybrid connection so that we can share the same domain between the two environments where we can take the users out as we want.

So if you want to stack the system as you want we can leave you with five users out of hybrid mode, if you are already running in late 2013 or they do not support Skype the Link 2010 they can start using the service immediately. This also allows the business client to connect to our legacy PBX system via Skype to get the same hybrid integration with betting with the age of 2013 or betting, so you may know that some clients have deployed voice in late 2013, but some users still have a Cisco PBX system have.

You can now make calls back to PBX via the connected environment. As with the SIP trunks you are currently connected to, the second option here is the cloud connector version, so if you’ve not used this, you’ll already run one of the businesses in 2013 or Skype, and of course if you have it installed in the city or for those products Enterprise Words You cannot use the cloud linker version.

What do you sign this for? PBX for Cloud Microsoft lets you download the Cloud Connector version. It is a set of pre-configured virtual machines. About 4 of them have a serial server and an EDD server intervention server. rmediary front server and domain controller This is now a domain controller cloud connector as they do not connect to the domain in your DMZ parameter network The domain controller never touches your existing ad environment, so you can put them in your DMS zone, preventing the connection between cloud PBX users and your existing users at 365.

You will be able to retain your carrier contracts with their telephone lines so that our cloud users can make phone calls to our SIP trunks or PSTN lines connected to our call system via these virtual machines to determine who is editing the cloud links. To take note of this, you need to have a qualified PBX by now for cloud linker editing to work. Only Avaya and Cisco are eligible. So if you are running one of those two you need to make sure of them. Versions are up-to-date and you are qualified with the cloud connector.

If you do not have a qualified PBX, you will need a qualified session border controller or Boyce Gateway. You & # 39; re both qualified for cloud PBX online, and they ‘re the places to reconnect from the cloud connector to your inherited PBX system.

We know your phone lines are connected to the Boyce Gateway or Session Boundary Controller, so we can get calls back. Beyond that is a free virtual machine kit with nothing extra to pay for, but we can always help you install and configure them to make it easier to access modern and voice access.

Word and what’s coming to you will be known later this year, now if you really have PSTN lines in the premises we can connect people from all over the world, so do you use the hybrid model as we saw it? For the first time or now, if you are using the cloud connectivity version anywhere in the Globes, the PSTN call service with Microsoft is only available in the US, Puerto Rico and the UK. I had to change my middle slide. Here but the UK is now available.

The UK is available as we have already arrived by the end of this year and we should see a few more countries coming with the call service by the end of the year. Definitely will be expanding around the world to various locations outside the UK in the UK next year.

There is another service involved, which is a PSTN conference service and should not be confused with PSTN.The call service is the conference call to your conference service so that if there is a user on the street who is not in front of your computer they have no internet connection and they can get their mobile phone or landline. Of course call that Skype online conference that you schedule, it is a separate service from the call service included with some enterprise kits or you can buy it as an add-on.

Also the map here will show you that the next couple can get it pretty much all over the world but it continues to expand as we move forward. Like I said PBX and voice gateway integration is now available. Call service will come here soon if you have other locations around the world, so some of the services here have alcard isolated prices, so you know ii v is ‘if I’ you include cloud PBX The PSTN conference does not include the PSTN call and you There is always a separate service that can be purchased individually, but if you want to purchase Cloud PBX alone for $ 8, the PSA conference service is $ 4 per user per month, followed by a PSTN call of $ 24 internationally and a consumer building.

If you do not want to pay for your users for 3000 minutes, it will exceed some. I’ll give you a second here to top it off with the online and voice admin representation as there will be more license details here later. I will take you through the Skype Online Control Panel and show you how easy it is for you to set the number to twenty if you are with the call service and this is a pity but it seems to be popping up now, so how do I give you the Skype Online Control Panel? ? Office 365 I can go straight to it but I will show you a way to the east and here. So I go to my 365 control panel. If I go down to the bottom left here are my administrative centers.

You know we have an exchange because the services are signed We have SharePoint and then I come to my Skype because we have Skype for business Hey for Business Administration Center I have a few questions and I will take one now I have two different points on that slide that show us the PSTN conference and so I want to hold a webinar and a webinar for $ 4 a month or a webmind for $ 4 a month to hold meetings I want to let people call a meeting. Then anyone can make an unlimited contribution to a meeting host.

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The second option shown by Aaron is that I actually put my phone system in the cloud and that user needs a phone line for $ 12 which is essentially unlimited but it only saves a few minutes and you get $ 12 a month locally or $ 24 zero month or international Shows. Combine then I can make a local line and then as you know the international is very similar to what you do now in a minute and it should happen and again thank you thank you thank you to her You can see our Skype for Business Administration Center on the home page.

Some white user statistics you know Do you know how many users you know are online in the cloud? Keep a nice view on the right We have a few resource links, so access to the power display is online on Skype, so there are some things you can not do on the web in the control panel and if you are going to use a PowerShell, you can either search for those commands or link to that PowerShell Here are some tips to help you get started: Here is a list of our users on how to do so, so these are Skype Online and Nabal users.

And most of these voice-activators are standard Skype online users who can send instant messages to video conferencing and you know that things like that are here very quickly on the part of the organization I have a few general settings I can set ivacy mode External communications I It can be enabled or disabled, so if I want to connect with another Skype user outside my domain I have some control around it and this is always available This is actually related to voice but I’m on the show and look at the voice tab you are with the PSTN call service This is what you see when you register.

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