what is the microsoft cortana?

We are going to learn a new feature called Catona in Windows 10 and in this demonstration we will learn what Cortona is and how to use her number – Where to find Catona in window 10 number 3? How to use Pluto? Basically you can talk to her number about how to enable or disable Katona from Microsoft Edge. It briefly describes what a katona krotona is. Microsoft Phone Assistant will help your computer use everything just as she has used the iPhone at any time.

Siri Chrotona is similar to Siri in Windows 10 in every usage. It can find all the documents on your computer and it will support any web search you have. It can take you to any settings you want to do on your Windows 10. If you have a mic you can talk to her if you want.

You can start the croton by typing what I show. In a second or so you ca. And say hey Cortana, she will support you for anything, so let’s go ahead and find out about this feature. I have Windows 10 installed on my computer. Let’s make the most of this right Crotona will search your web and windows if you click here it will show Cortana My cotona is inactive that will show here right now, so it does not say how you do it and that kind of good stuff.

If you want to know how to do that, say it. If you look to the left here, you will not get this option. This is the search home settings. Click on this Crotona settings setting. It will then bring you the settings to activate the coton that you can go to the Crotona settings. Click here to disable it, so I will enable it.

You will be able to get some information about the coton before it starts. Katona collects and uses information from your best Microsoft company, including your location and location. History and all that. Microsoft location and contacts and voice input and everything that is not so scary is really a great feature and it helps me a lot. I have to tell her what to do and she will bring me any file hidden on my computer.

She goes and gets it for me. Then you have to click on the setting to activate her and activate the license and then agree and she will initially ask you what nickname she wants to use to talk to you again but you can do this to enable and disable If you can, if you have it on Katana, you can type the Katana Katana setting here and it will have to agree with the license whenever you enable or disable her from here on out.

Chrotona is OK to go to your computer and get things done for you, then enable and disable it and see what you can do here if you click on it Here it will ask you, basically you can be any assistant who can type here and say my or maybe documents and it will bring you all the documents related to your computer.

This is the Documents folder. onedrive and if you look here it will give you several options, one is on your personal computer and the other is on websites and then it will take you to the store and give you the relevant apps if you want. You can go back and forth to download and it gives you options on my stuff here. So this is great, let’s go ahead, I’m not right here My audio visual output devices are not installed on my computer so I can not talk to her but I can not hear her answer. But if you ask Cotton who your father is, I’ll give you an example.

The funny answer is that she’s technically talking Bill Gates, but she does not seem to really like him. And that’s how she will ask her assistant. So we’re going to go back and forth and find out next how to enable or disable Car Tuna from Microsoft Edge. So we go back to our computer and say the restaurant next to me is a restaurant. It will go to the web and find it for you but let’s say you don’t want a cart owner on the web to help you. You can proceed and click on a few more actions.

Let me maximize this here, then you can go to settings and go all the way to see advanced settings and you will see a lot or you can see how Katona helps me on the edge of Microsoft if you go down and disable Microsoft Edge It’s already enabled and you can disable it if you find it annoying by disabling it if you want. This is a notebook This is anything about you and it can remind you that you can schedule a meeting for yourself in your calendar and show all those tips and tricks here, all the good things that news film TV packs you can do from here.

If you want to meet, it’s a reminder time. Someone and you want to remind yourself that your meeting is nine tonight, so you can do it right here, so click on this Feedback on how Cortona is doing for you, so make sure you know that Microsoft is improving her Feedback If You Want To Do This was a quick overview of the new feature called Cortana in Windows 10.

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