what is the what download?

Cover Download and Upload I’m going to make a presentation on what they want in those two terms and at the end of the presentation, I’ll show you how to download and upload using the internet browser. Obtaining data or files from the Internet, so think of the cloud as an external server so you can retrieve information from data or files that are someone else’s server and you bring it to your computer. If you think of an external server as a cloud, the word download is easy to remember because it takes you from the cloud above to your computer. How you remember what a download is, if it comes to you from an external server, it’s how you download it, so the first thing you need to do is click on the default link to download or click here to download The next link will be or will tell you to download it in any other way you see it, with the arrow at the bottom of the cloud as you see in this presentation.

 If selected, the file will open regardless of the default program that is set up on your computer. Then if you click on a Microsoft Word file and by default the program is Microsoft Word and it will open in Microsoft Word. Now uploading is the opposite of uploading and sending data can take your computer anywhere on the internet and it can be as simple as taking a picture from your computer and uploading it to Facebook. If you change your picture on Facebook, it means that the files coming out of your computer will be taken out of your hard drive.

 That would be an example because Facebook servers have a cloud to cloud Let me show you an example with a brief description of how to download and upload to Microsoft cloud-based storage system Microsoft OnDrive, so how do you find the upload link first? It is usually encoded in a cloud with a high arrow, or it says upload, so you should find that link has several different symbols, it may be a high arrow and once you find that link you should select the file you want to select You need to know where the file is and then you need to go and select the file and on some websites also take the file from your file browser and drag and drop it to the website and when you are done you have to open it and click upload, so now I’m going to go over how to do this in Google Chrome, then you can see here I’m in Google Chrome and I use Microsoft OnDrive which I call Downloading and Uploading in my folder and I will upload it to Microsoft On I intend to upload the PowerPoint presentation.

 To upload it you have to go to the top and click upload and I’m OK to select the files, so first, you need to find the upload link that can have this on any website so you can click on the files and select the location where you saved this to my desktop Will take, then you go through and select your location and when you click on it and click on the file and it will open it will be called upload when you click on open. You will then be notified that you have uploaded the file. I see that the file will now appear here. Since this is a cloud-based storage system I need to log in to my drive account as I can open this file from any other computer and then I can go ahead and download the file back to my compact from Microsoft server so let’s say I go to another computer.

 I want to use this file now. So now I need to download it. Let me know that it is the file I want to download by clicking on this checkbox. Then I go here to download and click download and this small box tells you that I’m going to open a small box at the bottom of Google Chrome. If your file is not downloaded now, it’s a circle here. Files will take longer If you have two options, you can click anywhere in the box on the left to open the file, or you can click this small arrow to open PowerPoint files automatically or always open this type of file to show in the folder The small arrow that gives you the option to do so I will click Show in Folder to tell you where the downloads are now. Automatically go to Windows 10 and if you click on the ck show folder it is going to open this folder My download folder has my file in my download folder. Now I can reopen it here or from Google Chrome. Open the file and you will not see it now. It opens on my other monitor. But I will bring it up immediately. As you can see, my file has been downloaded to this computer. Okay, this video has taught you a little bit about the background of how to download and upload a file using Google Chrome as well as what the two words mean and what happens when you download and upload a file.

What is a drive-by download?

Drive-by downloading means that when you browse a website and have something installed in the background, it can become very modern without your knowledge. For example, if you run an insecure version of Flash in your browser, you can access a website. The specific version of Flash is expected to be exploited, and when you visit that site it downloads something in the background, such as ransomware, and automatically activates it to infect your system. Download the favorite news website and an ad on the right side of the screen by tapping something in your browser.

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