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All web browsers are fast becoming one of my favorite browsers. vivaldi, with many features that set it apart from its competitors, was started by co-founder and former CEO of Opera Software. It makes the Opera browser available for Windows, Linux and Mac. And iOS and Android app in development. Some of you have been asked to do a tutorial on  vivaldi shows you 3 to 5 of its many features. These  will come next for you. You can already download vivaldi at Vivaldi com.

I will cleanly install the browser on a Windows 10 computer. Your steps may vary depending on the Mac and your district. Now click the download button and save it to your desired location after downloading  vivaldi. Install it wherever you like. Ly is installed open to the vivaldi browser and you will receive this welcome screen at any time. There are a few options here, I will stay with the light now, it will ask you the cat bar location you like, I will put it above here. Now it will ask you for a background image for your start page.

I’m going down with this jellyfish now Let’s go to the next page Now Click Browse in the middle Now you should see the default start page for Vivaldi You have 3 options Fast Dial All of these sites. Let’s take a look at the bookmarks and history dial fast here. You may have seen something like this in other browsers at Vivaldi. It’s a little different. Of course you can get some pre-loaded websites from these tabs. You can actually customize what makes this page different from other browsers because they are in each corner by clicking the X in the upper right hand. So if you want to add a website to the start page here, click on Plus.

Put a website name in the lower left corner, so I click here to add YouTube and it will be uploaded to YouTube. So if you want to click the shortcut to YouTube and you want to add a new speed-dial folder to keep everything sorted you can use the same method, you just click on this plus and register in the tab area. Then you can rename it to anything if you want to rename it. If you want I will name one of these news then enter you, in this tab you can have all the news websites here.

You have self-explanatory bookmarks. The booth comes with bookmarks pre-loaded. Remove anything you want and history is a clean tool ll The only history we have is YouTube, let’s go to the faster dial we’ve done menu options and access the Vivaldi menu, which is a little different than the other web browsers you have to go to the top left. Click on V from the corner to help you navigate through some of the options in the menu at the bottom of the file, where your general options are similar to the File Editing Display Tool window.

Here you need to import your bookmarks and settings then select the browser you want to import those bookmarks and settings to, we will not do it now. If you want to add a bookmark bar or you want to add a few more side panels, let’s go to the menu now. You can do it right here I really want to have a bookmark bar in my browser, so I’ll click on it now. I now have a bookmark bar. Let’s go back to the menu here. In the Tools area you are going to access your settings here so click on settings Der Startup This is where you can add the archive as your default browser.

You can also change the start page when opening the bold look themes. Changing tabs with images I like the panel on the left side of the browser If you want to change it to the right you can do it right here. You can keep your bookmarks as text and icon, but you can change them to text only, or you can change the default search engine if you just enter the icon. Currently I am going to change it to Google so it is better to make sure that the automatic update is enabled. Let’s check out the Themes area here You forgot to mention that Vivaldi has added Philips color themes integration with this latest update.

You can now link under the Smart Bulb Theme Settings page. Let me know how the system and indeed this is enabled, then leave the settings menu here if you can to see if vivaldi has a lot of confusing settings for you to customize to your liking. Click on the X in the upper right corner. Now let’s look at the panel on the left here. This is the easiest way to quickly access bookmarks. If you want pre-downloads you can make a note here and add a web panel so this will be useful if you do not like a bookmark bar for a particular website that you visit frequently. Otherwise it is an excess. We do Click on the plus now Amazon will load in the sidebar here To extend it, left-click on your mouse and drag it to the right where you see the two-way arrows and drag as far as you want. You may now have two websites in the browser on the split screen.

If you want to redirect to another site for some specific reason to remove the useful Amazon Click on the web panel icon, the other site you now have There are some interesting features like Vivaldi tab stacking and tab tiling so you can add as many web panels as you want. If you have opened a few websites first I will show you tab stacking. Let’s group those sites and move them to New Boston, it’s dark on the left side that needs to be moved around YouTube and then top it up now.

Both YouTube and the new Boston website tab you for the new vertical plane. If you right-click on one, you will see the option to move the tab stock to a new window, or remove it from the tap stack, or remove the tab stack if you wish not to remove the tab. Tabbed tabs are really cool now, you need to put your webpage in stock as you did before, so let’s move on to the new Boston YouTube. Split screen If you want to add another website to the stock Select a website Google Add it here Now you have three panels on either side and right click on that board to cancel. Taking screenshots of vivaldi will not make stacking tabs easy. You can see how to move it to the status bar by clicking on the small camera icon, which allows you to select the entire page as PNG or JPEG, or you can copy it to your clipboard, or select any area of ​​the page with the same options.

are available. The entire page is self-explanatory, takes a screenshot of the entire page for the selected area The selected area will now be copied to the clipboard. Select an area, then click and drag the area you want to take a screenshot of and let it go when you’re done. The image is automatically stored on the side panel of your clipboard and you can take a screenshot but the only option you have is the side panel so go to the notes page on the whole page of YouTube here + click + click your note on the camera icon, Then you will see that it has taken a screenshot of the whole page. Video about adding chrome extensions to Vivaldi If you are watching this video, you do not need to watch it now.

You can add extensions directly to Vivaldi from the Chrome Web Store as the open source Chromium top deck is built in. I have installed a few extensions of Vivaldi on my laptop and have no problem downloading extensions and you can go to the Chrome Web Store in your browser, or go back to the menu icon shown to you. Extensions This page will show you extensions installed in your browser. Click on Extensions This will take you straight to the Chrome Web Store. If you like it you will see some of the most popular extensions listed here on the page. You can search the store for extensions that interest you.

I do an invisible hand search to download the extension. When you’re ready to install the extension of your choice, select Add to Chrome, and then follow the on – screen prompts. Finish. It now shows your history in a more interesting way, it is currently skipped to DES but if you look it up week by week it will show you the sites you visited this week and give you a monthly layout of the sites you visited every day of the week for your exploration activities The right side shows some interesting charts here. The type of online transition is whether you went directly to the website or whether you visited the website and the top websites you visited and how many times you visited that site.

11 Reason Vivaldi is the Best browser You’re Not Using


vivaldi is the best browser you will not use so these will be quick, so I will not go into more detai, sol download the browser for free and try it out for free. They can dive into a slightly deeper number running Chromium, which would be annoying if web developers only developed for Chrome, but your web pages would be presented correctly. But if they do, it will still work. In addition to the number 2 your site goes to, it’s great now, it supports Chrome extensions, so any extension using Chrome can work at Vivaldi. Everything I have downloaded so far works great. Vivaldi has tracker and ad blocks disabled by default but you can click this shield and then disable tracking, or you can go ahead and disable ads.

You can download the Chrome extension if you want, but you do not need it, so it has four combo commands in the next instant, five customizable keyboard commands, unlike the usual ones, but you can customize everything. Here is a long list of things you can customize. And there are mouse gestures to join hands with, so if you want to do mouse gestures to do certain things like closed tabs, open new tabs.

If at Vivaldi you can do that and it is completely customizable, one thing that is unique to Vivaldi is that the browser has an easy theme, then you can set custom colors, you can set custom corner radii. The websites you use have a lot of customizations and your browser can get the look you want and it works in the dark mode too, then you can get a theme for the light mode for the dark mode it extends over virtually every voltage. Everywhere there are complete customizations, you can control how the tab works, how the side panel works, how the tabs work, how search engines work, everything else you can customize in every other browser.

And now we’re talking about this side panel they call the panel and it’s your bookmarks downloads and history is live but the app also has notes, you can leave notes while you work and put web panels loading your favorite websites I’ll have Twitter and Gmail here because of the possible sidebar, so if everyone checks my inbox I can click on the Gmail icon and see what’s going on there with Twitter and they will upload mobile versions of the site so that they basically look like me on my phone number Using them at 9 is a pop out video and you can click on this little icon on basically any video playing in the browser and it will pop up like in Safari.

Ice is really easy to use and what’s not so easy about Chrome 10 is that the screenshots are rebuilt into the app. If you are already using Chrome you can download an extension. It works well for vivaldi, but you can build it and save it to your computer, or save anything you want to your clipboard. You can pin tabs from time to time, then you can automatically reload the page every two minutes if you do not need it from time to time. You can freeze the background tabs throughout the day, then you have about 50 tabs open and you don’t need to handle all of them well with the RAM browser.

You can right-click on a tab and say Winter Background. Everything else will be shut down. You can still access them by going to them, they will reload but they will not be remembered, you can move your tabs up and down the left or right of the page, you can select the opening of new tabs, the buttons on the right or left of the tabs You can choose where to go. I think you can really customize it because you can control everything. I think it’s really good for working computers. You need to optimize your workflow to do what you want to do in a specific way and you want to behave in a certain way. So yes I think it is a great browser.

Brave vs Vivaldi – Which is Better?


Browser Vivaldi and Brave Many may now be familiar only with Firefox or Chrome or Microsoft Hedge or an Internet browser. But these are not the most popular browsers. You do not need the best browser. Called Vivaldi and brave now both of these browsers pursue different goals and different missions.

But you may be wondering which one I should use so we will look at these two browsers in two different categories. In the interface but the folly and the brave ones have a different kind of perspective on the interface. I think boldly trying to make it look like chrome. It is very minimal and there are not many settings to configure in appearance. Dark mode and light mode, but in addition it only works like a normal Chrome browser, especially if you are looking for something that does not require a great configuration, or if you are used to Chrome you are used to being bold and easy to use will be.

But Vivaldi is different because its user interface takes a different approach. Plus there are tons of settings to configure with Vivaldi, allowing you to customize how it works. From the tab look you can customize everything like the window look Status bar You can zoom in on your interface There are a lot of themes that you can play with on the start page. You can change the width of a set of tabs in the interface configuration.

How to Activate Tabs You can customize the Panel Address Bar Bookmarks Quick Command Keyboard Command HotnKies Mouse shows all kinds of gestures and if not you ‘need a lot of customizations and configurations so you can really control your browser. Might be a good choice. Another thing to consider is that you know that Aldi’s mobile usage is innovative and both have bold mobile apps but Vivaldi is currently in beta on the Google Play Store and has been boldly a mobile app for a while, but the next thing we want to talk about is privacy and security. This is, of course, a place to act boldly.

Advertising control as well as cookie browser fingerprints are cool integrations like HTTPS locking script everywhere and you know other things and Vivaldi is controlling things like DNS and the like. And Privacy You will have to install the add-on, it should be short and still not an option, so I think in the end boldly works on better security then Privacy Vivaldi is doing something else we want to see. It’s three times faster than Firefox, and slows down comparisons between bold and bold. . What you need to consider is whether you know how to win prizes or how to treat ads boldly in this case is surprising in the most interesting browser, because I have something called a prize program is our own cryptocurrency that gives you BA T.

It only blocks a large number of ads, which allows you to save secure ads of the kind they have chosen to show users, and if you look at these ants they pop up as a small thing. You will receive encryption money to be able to see it on the right side of your computer. But no other browser really has this feature and I think it’s boldly meant to innovate the trade industry and make it more customer friendly which is one of the reasons I often boldly recommend it on my channel that you can even use these gifts you see And if you block ads on my channel you can also support my channel because it’s not only user friendly but the ads are not so annoying but it is creator friendly and you can boldly download it for two to three tom two if it’s going to sigh like a dot-com. I can actually get a little bit out of using a kickback about a month later I think it’s about five bucks guys, so which brands did you choose Val D or bold? For DD you choose Val VD.

It has a very customizable interface and of course it has a lot of support and stuff like that. But if you are someone who appreciates speed and you have built more privacy and security and you know how to make a better fleshy mobile app as well as even cryptocurrency, I think now I think boldness is a better choice. It’s something like Chrome as a more similar interface but it’s easy to use and overall it gives me a quick clean experience at Vivaldi but again Vivaldi can give you a lot of cool features to play with.

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