what is vmware workstation?

What is VMWare Workstation, how does it help?

VMware So VMware is software that allows you to run operating systems on your main operating system, so in this case my main Windows 7 installation is called Host, then I have visitors running on vmware, so here is my vmware desktop and as you can see I have WinXP There is a tab and a tab in the center, both of which are guest operating systems and I can run them all at once if I want. For example, if we take the Windows XP tab, we can see this particular host. Sorry, this guest has a 40 gig drive, one gig of RAM 1 processor network using NAT. So I’m going to start it by activating it and you can see that it starts like a normal machine by enabling it. It is now starting in VMware. The reason I recently installed this Windows XP machine is because I have older software and it will not work on Windows 7. I wanted to use it to install Windows XP is a virtual machine and I was able to enter the software.


If I switch, I can easily do what I want. He runs Windows 7 and I run Windows XP. I run Sentos Linux. Each machine can talk to the other and copy files between you. By pinning between them you can perform a Windows XP security scan from the Linux machine. I mean, it’s like having three computers. I give each machine a sheep gig so they borrow it from my host. My full eight gigs are available for Windows 7 and these are functional and yes I meant it should be able to access the internet so I am going to deactivate the Windows XP machine this will not deactivate my windows 7 and they will close the internet connection and send it to us Will send, we went back to the first part Windows Sorry VMware Workspace You can use it for various applications to test OSS test compatibility with different software and I hope you will delete them when you finish VMware .

How to Install VMware Workstation Player in Windows 10

We’re going to start with how to download and install VMware Workstation Player on your Windows 10 operating system, so first open your favorite browser and search for VMware and the first link that appears here is from VMware comm so I’m going to click this link and download this option directly to you Will appear and then you need to click on the open source option. So you can download and get the open source option and scroll down here until you see the VMware Player. You will see the VMware player on the desktop and on the end user’s computer, so go under Desktop and End user computer. When you go down here you will see the VMware player, so I will click on the VMware player here and here you will see fifteen of the five VMware worksheets Since this is the latest version for Windows 64-bit operating system, select this option and click the download button and I will wait for you to download this executable file as you will start downloading this executable file.


After downloading this executable file I click on this executable file and open this executable file and now I am there. I’m going to minimize the browser and in the first step this installation will need to reboot your system. Rebooted, I will click on this executable file again, then the VMware installation will start, so first you will see this window here, so I will click the next button and then you will agree to those license terms and conditions If you do not see the license terms and conditions except when you click Next, then this is where you install the vmware player on your Windows operating system.

So if you have no good reason to change it, leave it by default. Advanced keyboard driver with this option will require a reboot to use this feature. So I use this option too. This option then click Next and then click again next time. This will also create a desktop icon and a Start Menu Programs folder for you, so I will leave everything as default and click Next and then click Install and you will see that the installation process takes place and I wait for the installation process to finish. Now I can see this window Click on Finish option as VMware Workstation 15 player setup wizard is complete.

Checking the reboot option will give you this window, I will not click on the option here if you want to restart it manually, because I do not want to manually reboot my Windows operating system after this video is complete and I will click now Go to the Windows Start Icon here and then I can see this option VMware Workstation 15 Players I’m going to click on this app here for the first time Will you ever hear it when you start your VMware Workspace player? You want to use it for non-commercial use as it is for non-commercial use or non-commercial use, so I have to check this box and go ahead and click on Finish option to launch.

My Windows operating system VMware Player gives me this window Now I will tell you a reminder later. Here I can see how to create a new virtual machine, so if you want to create a new virtual machine you can click this button If you have an ISO file for your operating system you can browse the ISO file from here and click on the next options and your VMware workstation You can install an operating system on the player. You can then download and install VMware Player.

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