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Wise Disk Cleaner

They are the biggest Wise disk cleaners I have found on the internet and if you do not have this they are completely free. I suggest you give it a try. If you like it you can keep it on your desktop or keep it on your desktop Your programs This is a nice program but somehow you can see the icon on my desktop and I opened it I double clicked and opened it. This seems to be the right thing to do.

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All you have to do is delete all these little arrows here and I usually mark everything except the downloaded files created by Windows ProFitch Data and Windows Font Coach. I do not check the empty recycling bin. Internet My computer has both Internet Explorer and Firefox, so I can use this to track my surfing estate history whenever I browse.

Checks all Windows systems Except for the last two boxes, the functions here are checked without checking the checklist, and the network driver mapping history is checked for Internet browsing without checking everything else This is a big one Check all your cookies and your history Check everything When you surf the internet you have finished surfing the internet and you run this cleaner and it cleans everything up. It will not leave any trace on your computer. Then this window component window media player your word wordpad windows defender and window ink you can have a few more programs and go ahead and click on all the boxes.

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Then your other applications are placed on my Microsoft Office computer and it is also set to delete the nicho Yahoo Messenger files. I’m pretty much on Yahoo Messenger, so I’m deleted it somehow and click on those boxes, then you’ve come here. This is a normal cleaner.

Everything is going to be scanned and you can see that the scan is going to check all the invalid shortcut temporary files There it will basically test what it does and it will slow down slowly for junk on your computer. But these systems do not take long to scan. Now that the scan is done and 2025 seconds have passed, it’s found in 14 files and all you have to do is hit the initial cleanup and guess what it is going to clean you up. You need to do a reboot scan to make sure it is all clean and tidy.

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Everything is clean Click on the right tab of this advanced cleaner I selected C and you will start scanning again and it will not take long to scan again 15-20 seconds If this is very quick then fine I’m so confused here I want to show you that you know the average computer that was doing some work on my project pay software. All this shit here says it has it when I look at it 18 files 118 point 6 MB wh Ich considers the average program on computers to be around 23 MB a bit. So this is four times more than jealousy. Beat the start clean though.

This means that some files cannot be deleted until your system boots. Next time it’s great and the X Click Thinning system is another good one here that you do not want to scan the wallpaper files on your computer windows. I also do not test the downloaded installation of this Windows distributor. Files OK, you should at least keep everything you have marked and if you click down it will be thin for you. When you run this for the first time using a slim system Advanced Cleaner and you are going to find a lot of dirt on the normal cleaner and it’s going to clean up and you will see a big improvement in the computer right now. Then there is the security feature here. You can click on restore here.

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It will show you the restore restore point installed here, so you can always back up all the changes you have made in case something goes wrong with your computer. You have backed it up. As far as your settings tab is concerned it’s there I click on that you know what I’m not going forward You can look at it I’s never completely true. Okay, here’s one check for weekly updates and then you’ll always have the default language now click English Auto Run I do not want to mess up the process, so scan it, you need to add a folder or add cookies. Deleting your cookies will leave your cookies there, it will not be deleted, but I have never used this beefo click on it again and you will have a scheduler here. It’s really good, because it’s free of mines.

I have never used it and do not plan to use it. What I have to worry about is I scan this every day so I do not enable it but you can enable it and you can run it once a week. Choose everything well and include an advanced cleaner, but like I said I have never used this but you can do it if you want but it’s pretty much this is the great cleaner I use this cleaner with CC Cleaner Wise Disk Cleaner is also free . I use both CC cleaners. Let me tell you why my computer is not a cleaner and since I started using both of these These make my computer very fast and remove all the cluttered files on my computer.

If you make a mistake and you’ve received it, you’ll be able to upload it here. I use intelligent disk cleaner to reload what you deleted. I’m going to say it’s almost two and a half years now and I never had a problem and I would love to use it after receiving the Microsoft updates. Because they have installers on your system many times and you can remove the unused uninstaller when you click on the thin system of your system. Once you have downloaded your Microsoft updates to a permanent computer, you can remove the uninstaller as you do not need them. They are useless junk files because you do not need them, but they are a basic tutorial.

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Here you will be told to check for updates Click on the small box here, then it will go and check for updates for you and it says here that the version you are using is the latest version, so it’s normal for me to be up to date and I usually Since it is slow on a computer it is however a short tutorial on eight intelligent disk cleanups.

Combining the two with CC Cleaner is a good tool that I use and I will tell you what makes your whole computer run faster. Lots of guys are hoping to do another tutorial here about listening now and I think I will do a tutorial on Las Logic Disk Defrog er because I do not use to window frager because I like that. I used this sauce clock as a plate for Froger.

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