who the invented the computer?

Who invented the computer

The creator of the computer The answer to this is not a simple one, because many people have been involved in the development of the computer for a long time and we are all accustomed to the person who is known as the first dementia of the computer. Charles Baba Charles Baba is best known not only as the inventor of English in computers, but also as a mathematical philosopher and engineer. The history of the computer began with the discovery of the abacus in Mesopotamia in 2400 and 1100.

We must not forget the contribution of other inventors. Considered to be the oldest programmable analog computer, Algi’s Mayor Castle clock, in 1837, created the first mechanical general purpose computer, following in the footsteps of these great inventors. Many other inventors developed on his ideas, and the first computers were the size of a large room and were used by IBM in 1953, 1970, and IBM in the 1970s. The first computer mouse made of. The first Apple computer to be released in 1976 was the Xerox Alto. Adam Osborne invented the laptop in 1981. So I say the answer to the question of who invented the computer is Charles Baby, who I think is the original. He was the inventor of computers that many people contributed to long before and long after.

Computer History

konrad zuse –i was a scientist and inventor of the future, but in 1935 he became another engineer in Berlin and tried to move forward with his colleagues. But he had a sharp mind and was easily bored by my father as a learned student. The same university where I work is now the technical Shula Charltonberg, where he started building machinery. Then it was a ball for him. He later changed to architecture. Equations for calculating the effect of wind on airplane wings, but at the time all collection machines were not easy to use and had to be inserted manually Zoos was driving his colleagues on the wall – doing these calculations for Harper. For him and he thought at this point how I could make it easier Susu thought he should not be alone in his hatred of the collection machine. He is sure that there are a lot of people who appreciate a machine that can do complex calculations without having to enter every little detail by hand.

He went with his parents to work and came to his parents and told them that I needed a living room and that I wanted to build a big machine that could do math calculations and that their sons did not know that eccentric tinkering would change the future of the whole planet. Zeus Abig worked on a machine that could do more than just complex calculations that could be programmed to think of a Zeus computer, but to program it required language that could be understood by humans and computers. As a binary in an ancient mathematical system, he learned how to use numbers and zero sequences to represent numbers similar to Morse code, and even a machine could use f. The next challenge was how to physically represent these and zeros in a machine. Susu thought he could do it with thousands of mechanical switches. When the switches are turned on or off, he represents any number that started manually making the switches. Metal sheets and then he took the saw in his hand and made a mold and structure. One by one, Zeus turned 30,000 sheets of metal into thousands of sheets of intricate metal switches that would create his binary sequence.

He did not have to find a better way to line up, but world events in 1939 threatened to derail his entire project. Conrad Suzanne was called to fight for Hitler, but instead of moving to the front lines, Susa was able to work in aerodynamics. The German Air Force tried to convince them of his computer concept, but to no avail. So Zeus tried alone after working the night away. He removed the electronic relays from old phones and used them. Instead, the relay became switches that were designed as binary sequences. The main turning point in the concept of Zeus was the major turning point in the concept of Zeus. The 1941 computer took six years to complete and 2,500 power relays awaited its commissioning. This is the moment of the true zoo. A mathematical problem was saved to the computer within minutes. The correct answer he gave was that he had built the world’s first programmable electronics computer, and he had built a completely new type of calculator or computer. In part, he is clearly talented. But a fierce war has diverted the world’s attention elsewhere. No post-war newspaper reports that Zeus has launched the world’s first computer maker ies and Konrad Zuse are binary designs, the universal standard of every computer in the world.

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